Next Superprestigio Dirt Track Event Announced

07/23/2014 @ 1:53 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS


If you’re like us, you really enjoyed the Superprestigio Dirt Track event from the beginning of this year. A clash between some of the best road racing and flat trackers in the world, the final showdown race between MotoGP’s Marc Marquez and AMA’s Brad Baker proved to be full of excitement, and the promoters, DTX Barcelona, made the race easy to follow for those outside of Spain – win/win.

Building upon the event’s rich history from three decades ago, the Superprestigio is under a revival. Set for another year of competition, DTX Barcelona has announced the next running of the Superprestigio, which will take place December 13, 2014 at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

The entry list hasn’t been released yet, but we would expect to see Brad Baker defend his win from last year. We also expect to see Marc Marquez back on the oval, looking for redemption. To help you get into the mood, here’s a compilation of the on-board footage from Kenny Noyes’ perspective, including the epic final race.

Source: DTX Barcelona

  • Bruce Almighty

    I really enjoyed the last event and was impressed how well the crowd and promoters treated Brad Baker, who was clearly the class of the field. That said, Marquez acquitted himself quite well.

  • Daws

    I have heard a reasonably credible rumour that Troy Bayliss has been invited. Like many of the Australian road-racers, Troy grew up racing dirt-track and hosts his own dirt-track event at his home-town of Taree in NSW.

    Troy recently won his first ever Australian titles in any discipline (including road-racing) when he won 3 in one weekend at the Australian Dirt track Championships in Taree, then the following weekend he backed it up in the Australian Supermoto Championships taking another titles in another 2 classes.

    Aussie Dirt track Championship report –

    AusSie Supermoto Championship report –

  • Frank

    @ Bruce Almighty – Totally agree. I thought the whole event and the free online coverage was well executed. It was great to see Brad do his thing and good to get him some more exposure in a market where dirt track is growing in popularity. Seeing the world’s best dirt track rider go elbow to elbow with the world’s best road racer was good fun. It’s rare to see that kind of spectacle in any sporting event. Marc held his own for sure and it was crazy to see him be just as ragged on the oval as he is on the race track. That dude just GOES. Brad would close the gap at every corner entry and Marc would just slam his bike into Brad’s line. Baker had to put him down, he was zig-zagging across the race line back and forth like a wild man! Haha – And Alzamora was $#!tting himself the entire event. Good fun. Looking forward to this year’s event.

  • Frank

    Oh! and this was mentioned by fans for the last event – but give my boy Nicky Hayden a holler.

  • L2C

    Yeah, the last race was quite the spectacle, for sure. :-)

  • David

    Given the depth of oval skills, why not one Speedway GP rider was invited is crazy.
    Crump, pedersen , hancock, sayfudinov these guys tear up ovals, give them a shout!