Monster Energy doesn’t really have a reputation for being understated, so we should probably cut them some slack when “The World’s Most Awesome Road Race” is the title of the their four-and-half-minute tribute to the Isle of Man TT. After all if you have seen TT in person, you will probably agree with Monster’s assessment. As the kids say, it’s cray.

The title sponsor for the two Supersport races, and the personal sponsor to a number of riders, namely the King himself John McGuinness, Monster Energy is a great supporter of this iconic road race, and has been doing its part to help cross-polinate athletes with the Manx race, so it’s good to see them promoting the sport even further with videos like this.

If you are like us and going through a bit of Isle of Man TT withdrawal, here is a little something more to help you ease those pangs. A video of the “most awesome” road race is after the jump.

Source: Monster Energy

  • Joe Sixpack

    If it’s not the IOMTT, what is it, then?

    Snark makes for lousy arguments.

  • sideswipeasaurus

    The world’s most awesome road race? Definitely.
    The world’s most boring video of that race? Maybe.

  • alexssss

    I can’t see an energy drink maker who shells out millions for events and sponsorship to be like, “you know it’s either this or tour de france, or maybe the la marathon, were not sure but this ranks up there with most awesome races we think”

  • The IOM is just amazing. These guys are superhuman. After watching all on TV this year and A/R’s online coverage, the TT moved up a few notches on my bucket list.