KTM Wants to Race in Moto2 & WSBK – No ROI in MotoGP

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Speaking during an interview with the company’s corporate blog, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer spoke his mind about the current state of international road racing, and KTM’s involvement with both the MotoGP and World Superbike Championships, and their support classes.

Stating that MotoGP lacked any return for the massive monetary investment it would require from the Austrian manufacturer, Pierer did go on to later to praise the Moto2 format as one that he would like to see KTM to compete in, with some changes of course.

Wishing to see Moto2 follow the path of Moto3, Pierer wants to see Dorna open the series to other engine manufacturers, and have teams race 500cc two-cylinder prototype machines. “I think the promoter [Dorna] is recognising [sic] that you need a couple of manufacturers otherwise it is not racing; it is a cup race,” said Pierer on the company’s blog. “Although the action is very close, where is the attraction? Suter racing against Kalex? Nobody will pay money for that.”

On the production side of the road racing equation, Pierer also expressed his interest in having KTM race in the World Superbike Championship, though again held his reservations that the series too was far too expensive to make economic sense, and its rules failed to match the classes that are run in various domestic series.

Stating that a KTM entry into World Superbike was at least two or three years out, it would seem zie Austrians has no interest racing with the current KTM RC8 R superbike, though the news could hint a successor coming down the pipe.

With Dorna set to make some big changes to the production-based series, Pierer’s wishes seem likely to come true, though it will be crucial for domestic championships like AMA Pro Road Racing and British Superbike to make similar changes as well in order to attract manufacturers like KTM.

Source: KTM Blog; Photos: Marcus Erlmoser / KTM – All Rights Reserved