The MotoGP season is kicking off this weekend at Qatar. The oddity of the night race is good news for us Americans, as the race will hit the airwaves at a semi-decent hours. Accordingly, SPEEDTV will kick-off the season with a 1PM PST (4PM EST) live broadcast of the Qatar round.

“In addition to the international feed shared by all partners, SPEED will produce SPEED-specific features, interviews and graphic enhancements,” said Rick Miner, SPEED SVP of Production & Network Operations. “We are really stepping up the presentation for the American audience.”

Commentary will come from Greg Creamer as the in-studio host for SPEED, and Nick Harris will handle the play-by-play for the international feed. Providing analysis is Ian Wheel, with Gavin Emmett reporting from the pits. For 90% of race enthusiasts this means simply the absence of Greg White. Time and schedule of races after the jump.

Schedule and Times for MotoGP on SPEED (subject to change):
Grand Prix of Qatar – April 11 (4 p.m. ET, Live)
Japan – April 25 (Late night Saturday, April 24, 2 a.m. ET, Live)
Spanish Grand Prix – May 2 (8 a.m. ET, Live)
French Grand Prix – May 25 (2 p.m. ET, taped)
Italian Grand Prix – June 6 (8 a.m. ET, Live)
British Grand Prix – June 20 (9:30 a.m. ET, Live)
Dutch Grand Prix – June 26 (9:30 a.m. ET, SDD)
Catalonian Grand Prix – July 4 (8 a.m. ET, Live)
German Grand Prix – July 18 (8 a.m. ET, Live)
U.S. Grand Prix – July 25 (TBD)
Czech Grand Prix – August 15 (8 a.m. ET, Live)
Indianapolis Grand Prix – August 29 (TBD)
San Marino – September 5 (8 a.m. ET, Live)
Hungary – September 19 (9 a.m. ET, Live)
Malaysian Grand Prix – October 10 (6 p.m. ET, SDD)
Australian Grand Prix – October 17 (Late night Saturday, October 16, 1 a.m. ET, Live)
Portugal – October 31 (5 p.m. ET, SDD)
Valencia Grand Prix – November 7 (8 a.m. ET, Live)
*Note: French Grand Prix is taped event due to schedule conflicts

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  • Victor Knowles

    I hope they will bother to show Moto2. So far that does not seem to be on their schedule.

  • Yeah – I want to see Moto2 as much or more than MotoGP!

  • Be glad you’re getting this instead of a “nascar special”.

  • Victor Knowles

    That’s true Kevin, Speed are all about the NASCAR.

  • Jason

    Speed sucks. Why show a live 40min race if you aren’t a) going to do it commercial free or b) double vision thing with the race and commercials on screen at the same time?
    I wasn’t surprised what was going to happen when I found out the race was going to be live. They should have front loaded the commercials so that when the race started that could run it straight through (as they have done in the past). But no instead we get 2 laps and 4 or 5 commercials….half way through the race I just turned it off. If this had been nascar they would have made sure there was constant action on screen. truly pathetic and the fact that they’ve extended the deal makes me sick.

  • Singletrack

    Great to see MotoGP (and Moto2) in HD!
    WOW what an improvment from the grainy TV coverage in the past. I loved the detail of the nighttime reflections, the track texture, seeing the chain links move, the riders eyes and stitching on the leathers. Excellent. I hope the daytime races offer as much visual pleasure.

    I have no complaints about the coverage. Sure there’s always room to provide more/better, but i’m satisfied with it now that it’s HD.

    But I do hope Speed can get the audience numbers up to a level where they can do a 1/2 hour prerace show to provide more in depth review of the technology and riders – tell me more about the elite athletes they are.

  • wayne

    Man, what a difference in clarity! I watched the (DVR’ed) MotoGP and WSBK Race 1 back to back and the WSBK race looked like it was done frame-by-frame on an etch-a-sketch. BUT…I was really miffed that they cut the podium interviews. And if I’m honest, I am disappointed that Speed TV feels the need to “NASCAR-ize” the pre-race stuff. I guess they’re afraid we Americans can’t get our tiny brains around a racing series that turns left AND right.

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