Before he was a fixture in the MotoGP paddock, our main-man Scott Jones had to swing a lens just like everyone else: sans a GP photo credential. Luckily for our Nikon-clad photo warrior, his home track, Laguna Seca, provides some of the best vantage points on the GP calendar for non-credential holding photographer s — a fact Scott exploited during his first forays into photographing the premier-class.

Ready to share his hard-learned lessons related to shooting around armco, trees, and chain-linked fences, Scott will be down at the San Francisco D-Store on Sunday, July 15th, leading a seminar for would-be motor sport photographers, with the Red Bull US GP round at Laguna Seca specifically in mind.

Up to 15 individuals will learn how to shoot like a pro, and the experience will be complete as those attending the class will get the chance to have their photos published right here on Asphalt & Rubber. For full details about Scott’s MotoGP photography clinic, head over to his personal blog for all the info. We hope to see you at the D-Store on the July 15th and at Laguna Seca on July 29th.

Photo: © 2012 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • MikeD

    Ohhh, wait…and all this time he’s been using a Nikon ? I don’t like him anymore ! ROTFLMAO.
    Just kidding man, your work is always susperb, keep it up…

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  • Hi Scott,

    I would really really really love to be there for a Master Class from THE Master !!
    Unfortunately I can’t make it :o((

    But, there’s always next year !!

    In the meantime, I look forward to seeing your amazing photography on PhotoGP

  • irksome

    I lucked out back in the early ’90s; my home track was Laconia (okay, Loudon nee NHIS) and I had gone to school with a guy who wound up shooting for AP. He got me my first set of credentials, I sent the results around and wound up with a freelance gig for American Road Racing Magazine. This was back in the film days; shooting Velvia 50 slide film +1 stop was my little secret. It was the only film that got Honda’s old purple and yellow leathers right.

    Mr Jones has my admiration; he’s got him some skills and I’ve worked alongside Tom Riles, Brian Nelson and Gold&Goose. It’s not an easy gig; there’s one moment that translates into someone doing a buck-ten in a corner and everything prior to and after that moment is just a picture of a guy riding a bike.