Mumbles Begin About Showing Xaus the Door

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After crashing four S1000RR’s during WSBK’s stop at Phillip Island, and then missing the race entirely, Ruben Xaus hasn’t exactly put his best foot forward in the 2010 World Superbike Championship season. For some the continuation of the Spanish rider’s career on a factory supported Superbike seems to have a death clock already running, and the rumor is that Xaus has to prove his worth or risk being shown the door from the BMW WSBK team.

Reportedly BMW Spain has nixed any immediate firings of the Spanish rider, presumably because of the large Spanish riding population, and the buzz from having a Spanish rider on the S1000RR as the series makes stops in Portugal and Spain. After WSBK finishes its stops in Portimao and Valencia however, it would seem the corporate intervention disappears, which could mean that Xaus could be replaced mid-season, and making things a “Race on Sunday, Fire on Monday” sort of affair.

For now it’s hard to tell how much of this rumor is idle speculatio/frustation with a bad weekend, or true sentiment. As always time will tell, and more as we get it.