Roger Edmondson Resigns from AMA Pro Racing

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Roger Edmondson has just announced that he will be leaving his position as Chairman, Managing Member, and Chief Executive Officer of AMA Pro Racing. Citing unforeseen health concerns, Edmondson’s resignation will go into effect Friday, January 1st, 2010, and while the AMA Pro Racing series has come under considerable fire lately, this announcement catches many in the industry off-guard.

Talking about the announcement, David Atlas, Chief Operating Officer of AMA Pro Racing said, “Roger’s health is first and foremost in our minds. Roger’s significant, multi-decade contribution to motorcycle racing is well known but nothing is more important than his health.”

Edmondson will still be available on consulting basis to the AMA, but his official duties will be spread out across other AMA Pro Racing Managing Members.

With Edmondson’s departure, many unpopular rules and race changes now come into questioning as to their permanence in the AMA Pro Racing series, and even bigger questions about who will take the lead on the racing fill our minds. More as we get it.