Photos: Rossi + Lorenzo + Yamaha = ???

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Valentino Rossi likes to refer to the Yamaha YZR-M1 race bike as “his” M1. Leaving Yamaha for Ducati, Rossi even wrote his M1 a “Dear John” goodbye letter, which many understood to be a message to former-teammate Jorge Lorenzo that the young Spaniard was riding on the coattails of the nine-time world champion. Burying the hatchet that once built a wall in the pit box, Rossi and Lorenzo are once again teammates, though the pecking order has changed to some degree within the factory Yamaha Racing team.

With Lorenzo the reigning World Champion, and Rossi coming off an abysmal two-year stint with Ducati Corse, for the first time in a long while, the Italian racer finds himself in the #2 seat. With some questioning whether the better days are behind him, there is even doubt coming from The Doctor’s own mouth about his ability. Sandbagging or true position, one can never be sure, but the issue is surely going to be one that is touched upon heavily in the beginning of the 2013 MotoGP World Championship.

With the winter ban nearly over, and riders returning to their racing duties, we won’t have long until we see bikes on the track testing. Until then, we have the marketing machines of the various factories for entertainment, and not to let Ducati steal the show with its 2013 Wrooom event, Yamaha has teased out some photos and a video of its 2013 team. Now, I am a huge fan of Gigi Soldano’s work, and I like to think I’m a pretty open-minded dude…but shit gets weird after the jump.







Source: Yamaha Racing

  • Jimmy Midnight

    I think I can! I think I can!

  • Destroyer Bonees


  • chris

    that’s funnier than the manigale photo shoot! hmm… what happens when you let an 80’s high school yearbook photographer run things? this.

  • chris

    can you think of another manufacturer that inspires this amount of affection for their machine? I think not..

  • Yeeha!Stephen

    Should’ve left out that close-up @ 0:34 of the orange-peeled paint job on the tank/airbox cover.


  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    Yamaha Factory Racing…sponsored by Zoolander.

  • smiler

    To be fair Chris is was Rossi that started the big love in with the Yamaha. The first photo of Lorenzo would better in a copy of Playboy for men. Just needs some Vaseline.
    If they are that in love then 2 lbs of fresh liver up the exhaust and they can have all the fun they want.

    Rossi has started the games already by talking down his chances.
    Although having MotoGp dominated by Rossi is not much of a spectacle. I really hope he spanks (given the theme) Lorenzo around the paddock for a while.

  • Slangbuster

    They look like Steve McQueen and Pee Wee Herman. You Pick who’s who. Pretty funny!

  • Edward K

    The bike has always looked good in all blue. The Gauloises livery was always the best (to me)… And hey, u gotta love the machine to some extent to do well with it.

  • irksome

    Well, at least they drew the line at dry-humping.

  • Riccardo

    It is going to be entertaining to watch these 2 race each other but Monster knew better not to bet against Lorenzo by buying him out of his Rockstar contract.

  • MikeD


    What was seen can’t be unseen…next time i want a spoiler’s alert and/or warning.

    Ah, U guys and some of your comments………..pure gold, ROTFLMAO.

  • Is it any wonder that other riders resent Rossi and his adoring media? Even this story lists Rossi first in the title, and the first two paragraphs are mostly devoted to him. I’d be thoroughly pissed if I were the current World Champion and got this kind of treatment. I picture Lorenzo opening a newspaper, seeing Rossi on the front page, with a follow-up story on pages 2 and 3, and finally finding the stories of himself on page 14, right below the ad for “Bob’s Septic Pumping Service.”

    I hope Rossi sucks ass this year, gets his ass thoroughly handed to him by Lorenzo, and realizes he has no more excuses left for his brain-washed adoring fans. I liked Rossi, until he was so threatened by the arrival of his new teammate (Lorenzo), that he demanded the wall, and refused to share any R&D data. Like a spoiled brat grabbing his toys and stomping out of the sandbox.

    Oh, and this Yamaha video sucks big time. I think I’ll go watch an old one with Colin and Ben wearing 70’s sweat bands and tank tops.

  • vanduc996

    Well it worked for me. Just two men and their machine. Simple, to the point, no modern day flash n cool or attempts at post modern irony.
    What I’m really hoping for out of this season is a battle for the ages; between the wounded but wily veteran, a true legend no matter what, but one who is very hungry to bow with sporting dignity, and the in his prime heir apparant, now firmly established in his own right and plainly the truest test Rossi has ever had. Same equipment, no B.S, winner takes all, including historical pecking order amongst the Gods of motorcycle racing.
    That’s the potential I see in the coming season and what I see spoken to in this video.

  • AlexOnTwoWheels

    Ahhhh, Yasss, sama time I lika to faq my motorbike……

  • pooch

    Boring as Batshit.

  • Halfie30

    @ProudAmerican: Let’s be real here. Lorenzo was drawing lines to make that wall get put up. Copying his leathers, trying to be a “personality”, etc… I’m not a huge fan of Rossi these days, but it would be good for the sport for him to have a couple more comparative years. By then we will see Lorenzo is. It as fast as he thinks he is with newer blood than himself barreling down his lap times…

  • Weird? You don’t know from weird.
    Love of bike, more mysterious and sensual curves than any other mechanized monster, a certain je ne sais quoi needed to even think about riding such a ravenous wraith of a moto, all combined with the best blue ever airblasted onto a Yamaha — these demand the haute couture approach, and not the in your face gun bra approach of topgun melded with lady gaga googoo. If X Fuera and The Doctor, move confidently and smile enigmaticallly, it is because they are the smooth operators of MotoGP. This season is shaping up to be spectaculoso, not weird.

  • ZootCadillac

    “hmm… what happens when you let an 80′s high school yearbook photographer run things? this.”

    Did you really just say that? Gigi Soldano is just about the most well-respected photographer in the GP paddock. I have a feeling he would not have been the one to come up with this concept.

  • ben pees

    hahah very funny comments, but i must admit the first photo of rossi at the top of the article is simple amazing.

  • paulus – Thailand

    “Gigi Soldano is just about the most well-respected photographer in the GP paddock. ”

    Not after these he wont be :)

  • Even after these Paulus. There are some truly great shots in this shoot…there’s also some…interesting shots as well.

  • Of note, if you took Lorenzo out of these photos, especially with his Rossi-copycat history, would we think these shots were anything but truly epic?…especially after Rossi’s first and last reactions with the M1 at Welkom and Valencia??

  • L2C

    That was not so bad. The video could have been edited down to 30 secs, though, and it still would have had the same effect. And Rossi’s name should be mentioned first. He’s the original classic.

  • L2C

    Also, I think Gigi Soldano was going after a Ridley Scott’s Alien effect. They may account for the weird vibe of the shoot.

  • L2C

    “They” should be “That”.

  • Motonut

    I have no idea why they both looked the same height in this video when Jorge is 5’8″ and Vale is 5’11”.

  • L2C

    Yeah, definitely going for that H. R. Giger biomechanical vibe. And as much as I like the new livery of the 2013 Hondas, these Yamahas take the prize. Very well done.