Photos: Manuela Raffaeta at the BMW Museum

07/26/2012 @ 9:55 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

We don’t usually do the whole “girl on a motorcycle” pin-up thing here at A&R, but we’ll make an exception for Manuela Raffaeta. Thanks to a certain Italian TV director’s not-so-secret love affair, Manuela rivals Marco Melandri, her boyfriend, for airtime on the WSBK live feed on just about any WSBK weekend. We can understand World Superbike’s obsession with this boxum beauty, as Manuela is not only quite the looker, but she is also a total sweetheart when you talk to her in person.

With her man on a tear in the WSBK Championship with the BMW S1000RR, along with her newfound TV fame, Manuela has also picked up some modeling work with BMW Motorrad, posing this week at the BMW Museum. Classic BMW bikes, modern Italian beauty — what’s not to like? Photos of Manuela standing next Steve McLaughlin’s BMW R90S, after the jump.

Source: OmniMoto

  • Westward

    She’s Hot, but the photos do not do her justice…

  • Bob

    What the hell were they thinking with that helmet?! Almost ruins it.

  • Steve Lang

    When these these things came past you on the racetrack they sounded like a jackhammer on steroids and were startling to see how fast they were being hustled around the racetrack by Reg, Gary Fisher and Steve who were all so talented. The last time I saw Steve’s bike, it was upside down sliding into the dirt on the outside of the hairpin (last turn) at Laguna. “OH MY MY” Fun days. Steve was such a character…and still is today. Hard to believe these were state of the art superbikes…but they were.

  • MikeD

    LOL. That huge helmet reminded me of “Space Balls” for some reason.

    Other than that….sweet bike, even sweeter girl. [^-^]

    Funny: Those fork tubes look like Spaghetti compared to the stock 46mm ones on my SV1000N.

  • PD

    It’s good to be the king.

  • pooch

    Agreed, these photos do not do Manuela any justice at all. But I guess I’m still looking more at her than the bike :)

  • singletrack

    Those are bizzare photos. European style sure is different than N.A. Even she can’t make that helmet look good.
    ‘Space Balls’ LOL.
    I thought ‘Power Rangers’ too – my kids watch them – cut me some slack ;)