Video: Always Awesome Aussie Asphalt

12/13/2012 @ 1:23 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

I love Phillip Island. The track is picturesque and surrounded by water, not to mention its ocean view as you head down the front straightaway. One of my favorite tracks to ride, lapping around PI is more about connecting corners, than hitting braking zones, and every turn seems to flow into the next one on the Australian circuit, which gives you a real zen surfing moment on the bike.

This year, Scott and I made the pilgrimage down under, where we were hosted by good friends, ate good food, and turned heads as we drove our “ute” into the paddock every morning  (yeah, people were jealous of our sweet ride). Mancation success.

You only need to spend a few days at Phillip Island to realize that the Aussie fans are rabid for their motorcycle racing. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, they showed up en masse to give their boy Casey Stoner a proper send-off, and as usual, stormed parc fermé during the trophy ceremony. It is readily apparent that Phillip Island is a place where motorsport is truly enjoyed.

So, it doesn’t surprise me one bit to see how genuinely excited circuit workers are at repaving their venerable track. I mean seriously, watch the video after the jump and try to remember the last time you saw someone so grinning ear-to-ear about pouring “ash-felt” for miles in the middle of summer. They’re a special breed these Aussies, just like their macadam. Expect records to drop in 2013.

Source: Two Wheels Blog; Photo: © 2012 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • Giova

    Hey mate, I was there too this year. Everybody ran to track after the race was done and the riders didn’t do any post laps. Crutchlow was the only one that did and he was swerving around people.

  • pooch

    haha… they certainly look happier than the road gangs I see around in other parts of Australia :) and more people working too. Usually it’s 2-3 people working, and 5 people standing around leaning on shovels and having a chat!

    Now Jensen, more info on your sweet ute if you will…. :)

  • That’s some nice work they’re doing! As a former “ash-fault” inspector i can appreciate that work. Looks like the poor guys are having to deal with a bunch of flies tho.

  • lovard

    It’s about time Asphalt and Rubber did a story on Asphalt Jensen, we read about rubber and motorcycles all the time, but we are luck to get a story a year involving Asphalt, I was worried you’d be forced to change the name for being misleading….
    I really hope they don’t stuff up the resurfacing, it needed doing though..

  • Gutterslob

    To be fair, that “baby’s bum” guy in the vid is most probably one of the contractors or supervisors, not an actual worker-worker. Aside from a few PR shots, I doubt he’ll be doing much asphalt shoveling.

  • alexm

    The only difference between them and there neighbors to the several thousand miles north Japan is that the Japanese do work like this every time – I have never been so amazed as when I went into rural parts of Japan and the parking lots of simple convenience stores were flawless not to mention the roads..

    Pride in work no matter what the source is usually leads to over the top effort like this and the world could use a little more of it.

  • So having the production equipment on site gives a harder and smoother surface… I guess that explains why the rest of the asphalt in Australia is so crappy, no one bothers to do it right!

    Having visited Japan it makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t just do roads right. Does it come down to additional cost, or are other nations just plain lazy?