We are Going to Have to Add “Performance Bagger” to the Lexicon

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I just had to add a new tag to the Asphalt & Rubber WordPress story tagging engine: “performance bagger”. It seems a bit oxymoronic if you ask me, but yet, here we are.

What prompted this…unique…addition is the news that MotoAmerica has announced the 14 teams that will compete in the baggers race scheduled for the Laguna Seca round. 

Each team entry comes from an established brand in the American v-twin market, which helps pay the bills, and the race is headlined by the Parts Unlimited brand, Drag Specialties. Naturally, each entry will be build their own “performance bagger” for the race.

The press release announcing the news quotes Alex Fox, founder of SLYFOX Performance, with the following highly accurate statement: “That Corkscrew section will be something to keep an eye on. This day will be one for the history books.” Yes it will Alex, yes it will.

For some background, this event has been several years in the making, with Parts Unlimited initially pitching the idea to MotoAmerica back in 2018. After some evolution, the baggers race is finally a go as a one-off exhibition event for MotoAmerica fans at the Laguna Seca round.

We have been noticeably critical of the race, but we encourage readers to listen to the MotoAmerica podcast where we discuss and debate the plans for the bagger the race with MotoAmerica’s Paul Carruthers and Sean Bice.

The show covers pretty well both sides on the division of opinion regarding this race. We think you will enjoy it.

We are still waiting to hear the rider lineup for the bagger race at Laguna Seca, but here is the team entry list:

  • Alloy Art – maker of custom motorcycle products
  • Barnett Tool & Engineering – clutches and cables
  • Bassani – motorcycle exhaust systems
  • Feuling Parts – performance products for Harleys
  • Legends Suspension – front and rear suspension products
  • MJK – innovators of aftermarket products
  • Roland Sands Design – bike builder, aftermarket parts and apparel
  • Performance Machine – motorcycle brakes and wheels
  • Saddlemen – motorcycle seats and saddlebags
  • S&S – American motorcycle engines and parts
  • SLYFOX Performance – high-performance motorcycle parts
  • The Speed Merchant – custom motorcycle builder
  • Trask – maker of the motorcycle turbo kits
  • Vance Hines – manufacturer of motorcycle exhaust and performance products

Source: MotoAmerica