Video: Still Think Electric Motorcycles Are Slow?

06/10/2013 @ 3:35 am, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS


The progress in the last five years on electric motorcycles has been astounding. Taking their first laps around the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course, a 87.434 mph pace was the best an electric motorcycle could do at the prestigious road race in 2009 — a pace that was on par with the 50cc record set in 1971. Since that time though, the development of these machines has grown by leaps and bounds.

In just five years after the first laps were taken by electric motorcycles at Snaefell, these machines have grown their average lap speeds by over 20 mph at the TT Zero race, setting a new record of 109.675 mph in 2013, and boasting a rate of improvement of roughly 5 mph each year since 2009.

If hitting 142.2 mph down the Sulby Straight speed trap wasn’t further proof of the speeds these bikes are achieving, maybe some visual evidence will help support the notion. Checkout the on-board videos of Michael Rutter (on the 2013 MotoCzysz E1pc) and John McGuinness (on the 2013 Mugen Shinden Ni) after the jump.

Source: IOMTT (YouTube)

  • Kellan

    This is NUTS!!! At the end of the 2nd video when he passes the other guy… MAN that is just unreal!

  • Grant Madden

    Sounds like a jet taking off.Cool

  • paulus – Thailand

    They are plenty fast.
    Once they have decent range, there is no reason not to change.
    Nice camera angles. You can especially see the suspension working hard. Cool!

  • zipidachimp

    my brain cannot process all that info at that speed! Jeez! and you can’t see anything in the shadows!!!
    truly amazing, I don’t know how they do it!

  • Not so fast

    A little perspective..please.

    While 109mph on public streets may seem very fast to the average street rider, but in absolute terms it is really rather pedestrian at the IOM.

    A 131+mmph lap takes a little over 17 minutes. The 109+mph lap took 21 minutes.

    Want to be impressed..look at this

  • Tom

    Well seeing as they have increase by 20mph in 4 years they’ll probably get faster. The bhp is mostly only held back by battery capacity, when that increases they’re going to be catching up the petrol engines. Check out the mission r electric road bike- it has a claimed 133 ft/lbs of torque on a flat torque curve from 0 rpm

  • The law


    You might familiarize yourself with the law of diminishing returns. The incremental improvements have already been decreasing.

    Battery capacity has been virtually stagnant for years, the improvements have been in details. 133 ft/lbs of torque is meaningless on a 500lb bike. MD did a lap on his Superstock bike within 3 seconds of the absolute record with 25+ less hp than a Superbike. Battery “breakthroughs” are a fantasy..the e-bikes are almost at their 1-2mph improvements from now on. They WILL NEVER GET CLOSE to superbike times!!

    When women began running marathons in the Olympics they were taking off 5-10 minutes every 4 years…if they had continued at that traquectory..they would be running 1 1/2 hr. marathons by now..didn’t exactly work out that way now did it?

  • The law