Jorge Lorenzo might not be the most charismatic MotoGP racer in the paddock, but he has some very smart people helping him with his marketing. Pitching a MotoGP grid in front of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Yamaha Racing team put on a show for the unsuspecting people milling about the famous church.

With a bike, rider, team, and yes, even a grid girl, all coming out of nowhere and setting up shop in the middle of the street, it looks like the marketing stunt certainly caught passersby off-guard. Honestly, we could prattle on more about it, but Yamaha’s description is pretty vivid. Check it and the video after the jump, and let’s collectively hope that MotoGP keeps up these creative marketing efforts.

The normal Wednesday commute to work for the residents of downtown Barcelona was transformed this morning as MotoGP came alive on the doorstep of the iconic Sagrada Familia in the heart of the city.  The area was brought to a standstill as commuters, tourists and local workers alike were witness to a personal MotoGP grid experience courtesy of Yamaha Factory Racing and reigning World Champion Jorge Lorenzo.

The five minute spectacle began as a lone Umbrella girl appeared in the middle of the road, swiftly followed by the incredible sight of Lorenzo riding his M1 into the street. An orchestra of activity followed as mechanics, data engineers, Team Managers and the Crew Chief appeared from seemingly nowhere to deliver a cheeky pit stop and grid start for the local champion.

As the ‘30 second’ board was raised Lorenzo’s YZR-M1 barked into life and as the lights went out the crowd were treated to a sonic explosion as the Mallorcan took off, vanishing as quickly as he had appeared. Moments later the assembled Yamaha crew had melted back into the surroundings, leaving just the echo of the M1 bouncing of the Sagrada Familia as evidence of that they had ever been there at all.

Source: Yamaha Racing

  • john magnum

    love it, lets get a full grid on the street, soundtrack boom!

  • spytech

    Loved it, thought it was good. i really dont like jorge lorenzo, but thought it was good.

  • 76

    Other Manufactures please take note, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki….

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  • Jeram

    Now all we need is an urban street circuit

  • I totally agree with 76. We can never figure out why more people don’t find motorcycles/motorcycle racing exciting and respective but if manufactures would pull more stunts like this from time to time it would at least get people talking and that’s a start!

  • Archer

    It is incredible what class and marketing savvy Yamaha as a company displays. Witness all they did for Rossi AFTER his announced departure… just an amazing company image.