MotoGP: Valentino Rossi’s Sepang Livery, Just Add Monster

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You can tell it is the off-season when the subject of what Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha YZR-M1 will look like is an instant buzzworthy item, and you know MotoGP fans have been pretty hard-up over the past few months when even the test livery creates a frothing at the mouth. Today is no different.

Allegedly itself, Valentino Rossi’s test livery for MotoGP’s first pre-season test at Sepang is already creating quite a stir on Twitter. There isn’t all that much different about the Sepang livery and the livery on the Yamaha M1 that Rossi tested last November in Valencia, except of course for the fact that Monster Energy has been added to the layout.

A main sponsor, but not a title sponsor, Monster Energy made waves by coming to the factory Yamaha MotoGP team, as it displaced Rockstar from Jorge Lorenzo’s personal sponsor list, to a rumored tune of €1 million. Since then, there has been much discussion as to how the caffeinated sugar-water company would fit its logo on the M1, creating a wet dream for any motorsports marketer.

With Rossi not set to hit the track until Tuesday, with the rest of the MotoGP factory prototypes, VR46 superfans will have to endure their wait for just a little while longer.

Source: YamahaYellow46 (Twitter)