MotoGP: Two Rounds in Malaysia?

12/05/2012 @ 1:34 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS

According to MCN, Yamaha Racing’s Lin Jarvis is keen for more rounds in the Asian market — he is so keen in fact, that Jarvis has even suggested that s second round be held in Malaysia. With southeast asia proving to be an important market for the big motorcycle OEMs, the idea of doubling up on Malaysia for the MotoGP calendar is certainly not the worst idea ever proposed to Dorna’s Carmelo Ezpeleta.

For Yamaha Racing in particular, a second round in the southeast asian territory would dovetail nicely with the team’s already extensive connection to the region’s markets. While everyone in the paddock would seem to be in agreement on MotoGP’s needs to get out of Europe and into other markets, Jarvis’s request to Ezpeleta is still a tall order, as it is a tough proposition for the MotoGP Championship to double-dip not only a small country, but also the same venue.

As GPone points out today though, Malaysia is set to get another world-class racing venue, as McLaren’s Peter Lim has officially started construction on a Formula One-compliant facility just north of the country’s border with Singapore. Five minutes from the border crossing into Singapore, and four hours away from the Sepang International Circuit, “Motorsport City” is being built on 270 acres of land and will meet FIA Grade 2 certification.

Pitched as a testing facility for car racing teams, it is not a big stretch of the imagination to foresee motorcycle events at the circuit as well. The question remains though, with the Motorsport City in such close proximity to Sepang, would the two tracks cannibalize off each other if MotoGP made both stops in Malaysia?

In developed countries, the answer would likely be an assured yes, however in Malaysia, it might be a different story, and with Singapore just a stone’s throw across the border, things get very interesting.

Source: MCNGPone, & Autosport; Photo: Yamaha Racing

  • JoeD

    The US has Laguna, Indianapolis and Austin so why not?

  • Bob Krzeszkiewicz

    The USA is also the same size as all of Europe. Many states are larger than European countries. So, it’s like going to different countries.

    Forget 2 in Malaysia. Bring back the Chinese round. I liked that track.

  • Two rounds in the same circuit isn’t required but I guess they should have a race in Thailand.& Moto GP needs to go to India

  • Sean in OZ

    Jarvis was suggesting 2 races at Sepang as a short term solution until other circuits are in place in Asia.
    China and India are obvious future locations. Indonesia is also a big growing market, but its proximity to Sepang may make building a circuit there unviable.

  • David

    I think there needs to be more races. If those chubby, beer drinking NASCAR drivers can do 36 races in a season then why can’t motorcycle racers have more races.

    At least have MotoGp stay at each venue for a longer time period so the teams could have tailgate parties so the spectators could hang out with the teams and eat and drink beer with them and (in the case of Larenzo) dance Gangnam style.

    Maybe even have track days with the MotoGp teams so we could at least be on the track with them at the same time during practice.

    Something, ANYTHING, I’m dying (or going crazy) here during this slow part of the season without MotoGp racing.

  • Damo


    To be fair, Tony Stewart is one of the only fatties left on the NASCAR grid.

    But I agree, I think we all want more races. Bring back the Chinese round, that track is awesome.

    Yeah, off season sucks. No races, the new Top Gear Season is still a month away and no Walking Dead or Game of Thrones until February. Now that the daily temperature is dropping below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, not much riding either.

  • Don’t forget there is still another FIM sanctioned circuit in Malaysia, and just over the border from Singapore. The Pasir Gudang Circuit…

    As for 2 MotoGP’s in Malaysia? Bring it on!

  • Gutterslob

    I remember when they had races in Pasir Gudang on the strokers. Not exactly the most rippin track in the world, but still decent for its time.

  • Patron

    @ David – Are you suggesting that the public should participate in a track day where Joe track day would be lapping while the current MotoGP world champion is looking for his race day setup? Or did I read that wrong?

  • Afletra

    SENTUL should be able for this…unfortunately, due to our (Indonesia) stupid and greedy leaders, we can’t…yet. Even the SBK that has been officially confirmed is canceled because the circuit is not worth it.
    Me as Indonesian really sad with this, our two wheels market is one of the biggest in the world, and you know how crazy our people when it comes to motorcycle race (especially motoGP).
    I hope in the near future motoGP can be held in Indonesia.

  • ah seng

    i’m malaysian. personally, i think our country is not too keen to watch 2 motoGP in a year..
    i’m worry about ticket sales…

    i back the idea of a indonesia/thailand/brunei/philipines round…

  • Afletra

    @ah seng
    You got point there, I agree with you