MotoGP: Race Results from the Catalan GP

06/16/2013 @ 6:15 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS


MotoGP Race Results from the Catalan GP in Barcelona, Spain:

Pos. Rider Team Bike KM/H Diff.
1 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha Factory Racing Yamaha 164.4 43’06.479
2 Dani PEDROSA Repsol Honda Team Honda 164.3 +1.763
3 Marc MARQUEZ Repsol Honda Team Honda 164.3 +1.826
4 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha Factory Racing Yamaha 164.1 +5.874
5 Stefan BRADL LCR Honda MotoGP Honda 162.7 +26.756
6 Bradley SMITH Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 162.4 +32.228
7 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati Team Ducati 162.4 +32.692
8 Aleix ESPARGARO Power Electronics Aspar ART 160.8 +58.615
9 Colin EDWARDS NGM Mobile Forward Racing FTR Kawasaki 160.5 +1’03.142
10 Michele PIRRO Ignite Pramac Racing Ducati 160.1 +1’09.774
11 Danilo PETRUCCI Came IodaRacing Project Ioda-Suter 159.2 +1’24.377
12 Claudio CORTI NGM Mobile Forward Racing FTR Kawasaki 158.7 +1’33.679
13 Yonny HERNANDEZ Paul Bird Motorsport ART 158.0 +1’45.355
14 Bryan STARING GO&FUN Honda Gresini FTR Honda 157.7 +1’50.745
15 Javier DEL AMOR Avintia Blusens FTR 151.8 1 Lap
16 Lukas PESEK Came IodaRacing Project Ioda-Suter 151.6 1 Lap
Not Classified
Hector BARBERA Avintia Blusens FTR 160.5 10 Laps
Karel ABRAHAM Cardion AB Motoracing ART 158.1 15 Laps
Cal CRUTCHLOW Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 164.1 20 Laps
Nicky HAYDEN Ducati Team Ducati 162.8 20 Laps
Andrea IANNONE Energy T.I. Pramac Racing Ducati 162.0 21 Laps
Randy DE PUNIET Power Electronics Aspar ART 153.0 24 Laps
Not Finished 1st Lap
Alvaro BAUTISTA GO&FUN Honda Gresini Honda 0 Lap
Michael LAVERTY Paul Bird Motorsport PBM 0 Lap

Source: MotoGP; Photo: Yamaha Racing

  • L2C

    Ride of the day goes to Colin Edwards. Big improvement this year from the Texas Tornado. He might even start giving Espargaro and Smith a run for the money before the season’s out. We’ll see, but it is very good to see him out of the basement. Kudos!

    Otherwise, it was a very standard affair. Crutchlow crashed out. No surprise there – you had to know that he was due a DNF sooner rather than later, based on his constant tumbling in practice/qualifying sessions so far this season. Lorenzo jumped Pedrosa for the lead at Turn 1 – again. You had to expect that because Lorenzo probably knew that Márquez would be up his backside early in the first lap. Better it be Pedrosa than him. Dani settles for second – again, in spite of fending off his wobbly and slightly crazy teammate, who finished in 3rd position – giggling to himself. Rossi cruises to a 4th place finish. Alone. With no one to play with because the man from the Isle of Man, as mentioned earlier, has a thing for tumbling boo-boos and kitty litter. And Bautista went belly up on the first lap – JUST LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES. He’s a danger to himself and society, that rider. Just have him start from pit lane from now on. It would be safer for everybody.

    Sorry to see Hayden out so early. That was a heartbreaker. Really, it was.

    And I don’t know what to make of Lorenzo’s post-race win celebrations/antics. The word fragmented comes to mind. Though, that’s a discussion for another time. Congrats. But I still think Pedrosa is the better and more consistent of the two this season. It’s going to be tough for Jorge to claw back those seven points from the championship leader. Those seven points could stretch out over the entire rest of the season. And it is highly likely that by the time the fly-aways roll round, Dani’s lead could be much more substantial.

    Turn the page.

  • JW

    My mind drawn to the performance of Rossi. Last year into the same amount of races on Ducati, wasn’t he about in the same points as he is same time this year on the Yamaha? I tried to look up the stats, no luck. All that bitching about the bike, the bike, the bike. Makes me wonder if he would have been better off to run a few more years on the Duc and then hang his hat..

  • JW

    Lorenzo’s post race antics:
    Not sure either, Perhaps he is getting direction somewhere to help with his image problems.

  • Paulo

    JW……Point wise yes he might be close but place wise, not even. He had one finish in third place, the fierce wet weather battle otherwise he was stuck in 7th, 8th, or 9th all year. The Duc’s are crap!! The Yamaha Tech III are rumored to be last years bikes with little or no improvement…….still besting the newest thing Ducati can put together. Honda and Yamaha man, bet on the blue or other red bikes because the Duc’s are for pomp and circumstance!!

  • Jordan

    It was a bloody miracle that Rossi didn’t get taken out today. The Doctor is going to have to improve his qualifying discipline so he can get away from the satellite Hondas as soon as the green flag drops. Being a few spots back on the grid makes getting around the satellite Hondas equivalent to rolling road blocks for VR and ruins his remaining race pace when he can get away from them safely. Bradl was a problem for VR at Qatar and Austin and then with what’s happened with Bautista the past two races makes it clear that if Rossi can’t get a better starting position than the best he can settle for is chasing 4th place as the other three guys storm off. I’m glad the season still is far from over; I hope VR can pull the same miracle he did at Qatar a few times before Valencia.

    Granted, this comment ignores the wildcard that is Cal Crutchlow, the opportunities for the M1 at Qatar, the possible brake issues VR had at Austin and so forth and so on, but like I said Rossi has got to start qualifying better if he wants to improve his confidence for each race.







  • Jonathan

    L2C: “Ride of the day goes to Colin Edwards”

    As I’m a sentimental fool I’ll give him equal first with Bradley Smith, who is rewarding the faith that Tech3 placed in him.

    Given the high trsck temperature the tyres were nine parts done by 1/3 race distance, but for a procession it was a very enjoyable race for me. Great save by Marquez near the end when he lost the front under braking.

    Gutted for Nicky and not entirely surprised when Bautista parked it in the gravel again. I guess that Cal was due a dnf too as he’s been pushing so hard all season to stake a claim on a bike that isn’t last year’s reheated leftovers.

  • mike

    Ped looked a bit frazzled after. Can’t blame him having Marc up bis butt the whole race.
    Do wonder what Pedrosa said later when watching the replay of his team mate almost ride up it with 2 laps to go!

  • Damo

    ” It’s going to be tough for Jorge to claw back those seven points from the championship leader. Those seven points could stretch out over the entire rest of the season.”

    You know, or one race where Lorenzo finishes 1st and Marquez takes 2nd.

  • JW

    The most interesting news is the bleak engine allotment for Yamaha. How are they going make what’s left last the whole season?

  • mxs

    So much hype created before this weekend and Monday Test, how this will the game changer … yet the bore fest continued and nobody tested anything interesting, except for Suzuki showing up.

    Thanks god for daring Marquez who really is marching ahead as far as learning and experience building.