Video: MotoCzysz D1-10 Electric Motor on the Dyno

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While the video of MotoCzysz putting their new D1-10 electric motor up on the dyno is not terribly captivating (it’s hard to see anything really moving since all the fun bits are inside the motor’s casings), the performance figures the company quotes surely are impressive. The liquid-cooled IPM motor makes 250lbs•ft of torque, generates over 100hp, and employs a proprietary cooling system to allow a higher percentage of that peak power to be used over extended periods of time. This is particularly important because of the large gap between peak power figures and sustainable power figures in the electric motorcycle world, with the latter being the more important figure to quote.

With performance qualities that meet or exceede those of a 600cc Supersport machine, MotoCzysz hopes to have one of the most formidable packages available on the electric grid this season. The D1-10 D1g1tal Dr1ve is just one element of MotoCzysz’ eDD “suitcase” that is available to teams for purchase. The eDD total package also includes a controller assembly, battery mounting system, and optional Li batteries all for around the price of $24,500 w/o batteries and $42,000 with batteries. No word if the first commercially available electric motor specifically designed for motorcycles will be available separately from the eDD. Stay tuned on that.

Of note on the video below, MotoCzysz states that the drive shaft was disconnected from the motor, and all the sound recorded is generated by the motor alone. In addition, the motor’s high RPM was creating some real dyno “instability” that saw not only the highest torque recorded on the MotoCzysz dyno, but also the highest RPM.