MotoAmerica Races Will Air on CBS Sports, A Week After

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We’ve gotten more than a few emails (thanks!) from American road racing fans about how to watch the inaugural MotoAmerica race on TV. These eager beavers were quick to point-out that CBS Sports Network has no listings for the Austin round this weekend, with only a season preview listed next week, on April 15th.

A quick email exchange with MotoAmerica confirms that the Austin round will be shown a week late, as will the rest of the 2015 rounds. The series hopes to change that for the 2016 season.

Fans will also be disappointed to learn that the Austin round will not even be streamed live over the internet, though that option will added for future rounds this season, likely starting at Road Atlanta, MotoAmerica’s next stop.

For hardcore racing fans, this news will surely be a disappointment, and perhaps the first strike against the fledgling series.

Many fans view MotoAmerica as a breath of fresh air from when AMA Pro Racing / DMG ran american road racing, though it was a lack of a TV package that seemed to put a final nail in that coffin.

Perhaps the silver lining to this news is that non-fans can still “stumble upon” motorcycle racing when happening to watch CBS Sports during daytime hours, which may help indoctrinate some non-ethusistasts into the sport — something motorcycle racing desperately needs.

Source: MotoAmerica