IOMTT: Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 2 Results

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With a packed Wednesday schedule, riders had only moments after the TT Zero celebration to mount their Supersport machines for the second race of the Monster Energy Supersport TT, and with mist reported on the mountain, a quick send-off was also necessary in order to ensure a full race distance ensued.

The only man not in a rush though was John McGuinness, as the now 21-time TT race winner had announced in the morning that he and the Padgetts Hona team had decided it best not to race in the second Supersport race of the 2014 Isle of Man TT, as McPint has been suffering from a wrist injury, which was noticeably holding him back this TT fortnight.

In fine form all week though has been the Kiwi Bruce Anstey, and he and Michael Dunlop seemed set for another showdown on the Snaefell Mountain Course.

Off the line, it was once again Michael Dunlop who took control of the race, trailed by Anstey, his brother William Dunlop, and Dean Harrison. That order would remain for the rest of the race, though the narrow gap would slowly expanded over the four-lap format.

Making it 10 TT race wins now for the young Michael Dunlop, the nephew of Joey had an easy time of managing Race 2 of the Supersport TT once he caught Anstey on the track. Able to manage the 10-second starting time between the two riders once he was there, Dunlop continues to be the hot ticket at this year’s TT.

Speaking of hot tickets, excitement was added to the Supersport TT when the Grandstand pit lane had to be closed due to Grant Wagstaff’s catching on fire, which was quickly snuffed thanks to the TT fire brigade. Affecting a dozen riders or so with the pit lane closure, the TT officials credited the affected rider’s lap times with the delay.

With the mist finally enveloping the mountain at the end of the Supersport TT race, Wednesday’s Sidecar TT race has been pushed to Thursday. Expect a revised schedule from the IOMTT shortly.

For the full race results from Race 2 of the Supersport TT race, click here.

Photo: © 2014 Tony Goldsmith / TGF Photos – All Rights Reserved

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