Believe me when I say, no one hates a squid on a sport bike more than a law-abidding motorcyclist, and after watching the videos after jump of the 10th Annual “Streetfighterz Ride of the Century,” we can’t help but roll our eyes as we yet again see a bunch of morons with a motorcycle endorsements popping wheelies and riding on the highway’s shoulder, all while clad in next-to-nothing gear. These are the type of motorcyclists we have a supreme hatred for, since nine times out of ten, they are doing far too good of a job at giving the rest of us a bad name.

That being said, the actions seen here by some Missouri Highway Patrol and the St. Louis County police officers is downright reproachable, if not criminal in our eyes. Did these BikerBoyz wannabes deserve some righteous ticketing? Yeah probably. Do they need a schooling in proper roadside etiquette and a re-education on the basic principals of ATGATT? Absolutely. But did 5-0 cross the line when they started intentionally ramming motorcyclists who weren’t with their squad cars, including bikes that were being ridden two-up with a blameless passenger on-board? You’re god damn right they did.

Let me get something straight: I’m not one of these “fuck the police” type of motorcyclists. In actuality, I’m the opposite, and I am more than thankful for our officers who keep the peace day-in and day-out. Like many motorcyclists though, I can lay claim to having gotten harassed by an officer or two — all while I was breaking no law, and I have seen other motorcyclists get similar treatment by the police for presumably the sole-reason of what form of transportation they were on. However, I am also adult enough to realize those singular acts are just that…singular acts by singular people.

For more than a decade my various jobs have had me working in close proximity of law enforcement officers, from every cut and every possible jurisdiction. At their core, they are civil servants — men and women who have dedicated their life to serving our communities. Sometimes they get things wrong, and sometimes they just make mistakes, but most of the time they get it right, and even under tough conditions.

I am trying to hold that thought in my mind as I watch these officers use their cars to intentionally knock over motorcyclists and their passengers in these videos. And for what??! Popping a wheelie on a freeway?

I don’t condone the actions of either party here, and I certainly don’t condone evading a lawful stop from a peace officer, but at some point in those 5+ minute videos, the actions undertaken to apprehend and detain these motorcyclists greatly out-weighed the alleged crime they committed. And the real reality of the situation is that the group by-in-large appeared to be law-abidding, sans for a few bad apples who just never seemed to grow out of the second grade.

Keep an eye on this story. I don’t think we have seen the last of it yet.

Source: AutoBlog

  • What in the hell is going on in this video..

  • Bill

    Sorry, don’t see anything wrong. The cops did attempt to stop them by ramming them, but it was a very controlled and very low speed. What I see wrong is a bunch of assholes taking up 4 lanes on the freeway and generally ruining peoples day and being an annoying piece of crap. I’ve been riding bikes for over 30 years and these guys get everything they deserve. Someone might ask “how would you like it if the cops did this to you?” My answer is I would never put myself in that situation, so it would never happen.

  • Floyd

    apparently everyone in Missouri is a dick bag

    I’m definitely creating a feed for this one

  • Micahel

    As someone who has had cops (meaning multiple times) endanger my life, my brothers life, and my fathers life. This is no surprise to me, they are out of control, and drunk with power.

    The head of the Monterey County CHP, Captain Lynch, told me over the phone that the Laguna Seca sticker on my Subaru was “tantamount to Illegal Street Racing Paraphernalia.”

    Over a period of 4 months, after the CHP did a class on street racing, I in my stock subaru wrx was pulled over between 40-50 times, I lost count. My brother on his ducati another 25, and my father on his R1 another 5.

  • Micahel

    Needless to say Gill Campbell at Laguna was not happy about it, and contacted the CHP, they still pulled me over for a 4 inch sticker and driving while behind the wheel of a Subaru for the next four months, then for whatever reason chilled out. I got exactly ZERO tickets.

  • J.Ed

    Based on your first paragraph, I bet you ride a Harley with open pipes.

  • Bill

    Not quite J. Ed, I have a Ducati S4Rs monster, an Aprilia Tuono Factory and a KTM RC8R. All ridden on the street. I’m not saying I’m a choir boy and haven’t broken a law or two, but I also don’t do things like these guys are doing, when other traffic is around I respect the rights of others to share the road. These people only care about themselves. If they had any respect for anyone, they would have limited themselves to one or two lanes to allow others to share the road.

  • I live in St. Louis, last weekend I observed these bikers all over downtown, and it was a total free-for-all. Stunting everywhere by riders on side streets with pedestrians on the street, kids. The fact is you can’t control your motorcycle properly when you’re hanging upside down by your legs from your handlebars while pulling a wheel stand. Most riders that I saw acted responsibly, but of course there are always a significant number of individuals who feel emboldened when they are in massive groups. And as in these videos, realize that the cops can’t stop everyone. So they start doing extremely irresponsible things because they think they can get away with it.

    The local media news broadcasts were chock full of reports advising motorists and citizens to report riders behaving badly during this get-together which draws bikers from all over the country. I considered calling the police when I saw some riders stunting near the baseball stadiums, though I didn’t.

    I myself have suffered my share of abuse at the hands of the police while riding, gotten tickets and been harassed just for being a superbike rider, so I understand the gripes. I’m not going to defend the police, but I do realize that while this thing is going on, they’re getting calls all over the place, sending already badly stretched law enforcement resources – because of large budget cuts – who definitely have better things to do, chasing after a bunch of pinheads that are intentionally provoking the police and playing catch me if you can’t in a 25 mile radius around the city. Spend a few days doing that all day long and you might start to get frustrated as well.

    And think about what happens when one of these idiots kill somebody, runs over somebody’s kid? Then there’s going to be hell to pay for all bikers, then we’ll see state legislators starting to write laws that limit the number of motorcycles that can ride together in Groups. Or allow police to randomly stop and search motorcyclists at their discretion. Think that can’t happen, better think again. And as someone who grew up down South, I’ve seen police do a whole lot worse things to riders out for a joyride, like being shot and killed, and the cop they did it being acquitted of any crime. Cops ramming motorcyclist at speed. It could’ve been a lot worse.

  • mchale2020

    It seems like the response of the police officers was provoked more so than anything else. Sport bikes have a negative image and when you pile hundreds of them together in some pointless interstate rally, this is what you can expect. Apparently these guys never saw the video of the kid in NYC get thrown out of his Ferrari 458 and slammed to the ground for trying to avoid a parking ticket and accidentally running over a cop’s foot.

    Seriously, if you ride an obnoxious sport bike, you’re at the mercy of the cops no matter if what you’re doing is legal or not. If you really want to stick it to the man, go take off work for a day and carve some desolate mountain roads, not ride down the interstate with a huge bulls-eye painted over your cheap ass textile jacket.

  • Hayabrusa

    Way back toward the top, Floyd has it right – eveeryone in Missouri is a dickbag!

  • I too see a bunch of dickheads who are enjoying a free-for-all, to the detriment of every law-abiding motorist who is also trying to use the roadway that day.

    The author is upset by the cops actions, but apparently he doesn’t mind 50 crotch rockets going the wrong way on an on-ramp, to avoid the freeway roadblock.

    These asshats really need to grow-up and start acting like adults.

  • Dan

    Sorry Jensen, no sympathy for these guys. Your feed source, Autoblog, confirms by poll that the majority of people side with the police on this one. Bad behavior=go to jail.

  • 76

    What he said,

    Floyd says:
    September 20, 2012 at 5:12 PM

    apparently everyone in Missouri is a dick bag

  • Earl Shives

    Ah-Mer-EE-KKKuh!!! Assimilate or die!

    Ramming speed captain! Set phazers to squid!

    Most everyone everywhere are dick bags…

  • Jake F.

    It looked more like morons on motorcycles running into barely moving cop cars than the other way around.

  • CMRAsloguy

    I am going to school in STL soon and this makes me want to get rid of my bikes. Terrible street scene and no nearby tracks. It would be embarrassing to ride as people would associate these idiots with me. 1st world problems…

  • mchale2020

    I also want to squeeze in a joke about Icon, but just don’t quite have the wit.

  • Mormont

    CMRAsloguy: There is always Gateway International.
    Can’t say the one time I did a track day there was enjoyable though. The view of the old garbage dump across the street is breath taking though (figuratively and literally).

  • Lot of pros n cons to this story. Bikers are wrong and so are the cops. would like to see where it Ends.

  • Slangbuster

    Looks like the Police did a pretty good job of corralling a good # of these people. So now what? Now you have all these people stopped. You can’t write them a cite for speeding or take them to jail for evading. Well it’s a well know fact that people who ride motorcycles act act like this are only asking for attention and what they are really saying is ,…

    “Officer, would you please stop me and make sure my motorcycle is safe to ride by giving me my very own personal vehicle safety inspection. If you find anything wrong or missing that you think should be replaced, added or fixed, please write me a citation for all the violations you can find and I will ask my friends who acted so irresponsibly, by riding away, to pay the fine. Oh… and while your at it, could you run me for warrants and make sure my license is endorsed to ride a motorcycle and if it’s not, just have it towed and I’ll get it out of impound later. Oh…and one more thing, could you check me for signs of drug and alcohol influence and make sure I’m not transporting any illegal drugs I may have forgotten about. And lastly, please don’t cut me any slack and enforce the law to the letter. Thank you Officer… I’lll wait.”

  • Mildred: Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?
    Johnny: Whadda you got?

    Time to break out the old Fast Bikes videos I think with Byrne, Frost and Mason in the south of France.

  • smiler

    bunch of idiots looking for trouble. Police force with no diplomatic skills at all = usual overly aggressive situation that escalates. Police deserve no respect, biker deserve none either. Result.

  • Ben

    LOL…. what hysteria over such minor incidents. Pretty laughable really. No one ever even looked like barely putting a foot down, let alone coming off the bike.

    Take it to California and you have a new delicacy…rammed squid with CHiPs.

    T-shirts, sneakers, idiots, go home.

  • Missourian here. I tried to get my Dickbag Certification but failed the riding test (I did get 100% on the written test – guess I’m just book smart when it comes to Dickbaggery). I also know some fellow Missourians who are definitely not Dickbags.

    Now, Kansas, however…talk about a state filled with Dickbags….

  • Damo

    Is it a herd of squid or a school of squids?

    I NEVER go to large group rides for exactly the reasons shown above.

    In South Eastern Massachusetts there was a memorial ride for a local stunt rider that was killed, you guessed it, stunting. The riding group met up and were stunting all over town and one young man (wearing little to no safety gear) crashed while stunting and had to have his arm amputated on scene to save his life.

    ATGATT folks! Also, don’t be a squid. If you own a bike and only ride it once every other month to do wheelies, do the world a favor and sell it!

  • TheFunkyMonkey

    As others have stated, both sides are wrong here. Frankly, I’m embarrassed to claim to be a long time motorcyclist when I see douche bag squids like this thinking they are above the law and riding like this on the street. Seriously, it gives us all a bad wrap. And it’s incidents like this that are ultimately going to reduce our riding rights. No one thinks about the “community” but rather themselves only in situations like this. It sucks — period.

    I’ve been riding and driving for over 24 years now and have had my run-in with the law, trust me. Some definitely warranted and some not so much. I’ve a neutral respect for the law — I think there are more bad apples than good apples in law enforcement. Strictly my opinion based on direct, personal experiences including family and friends involved in law enforcement. I think for many in law enforcement, the thrill of power is the draw — not being a civil servant. If it was the other way around, I would feel differently. I’ve got my flame suit on…

    I would say this situation is a case of bad apples facing off with bad apples — simple as that. I don’t condone either parties actions. BUT at the end of the day, it could have been avoided IF the bikers would have been more respectful of the laws of the road, their fellow mankind and not taken a position of being above the law and overtaking a major roadway. If I would have been in my car (or on my bike) in this situation, I would have been PISSED and called the cops myself. There is ZERO place for this kind of bull$hit on the roads. As someone else stated, the riders provoked the situation.

    While I’m on my soapbox, stunting on the street, whether an individual or a group a thugs as in the video, is doing nothing for the perception or rights of motorcyclists. There, I’m done. Stunta’s rage on… In your ICON gear…

  • Patron

    Honestly, I dont see the police doing anything wrong. Besides what seems to be a roadblock in the middle of the highway. Why was that there in the frst place? As annoying as I find those riders in these videos, they didnt seems to be speeding or acting crazy (as a group). After all, its not illegal to have a pointless ride to nowhere. But as soon as they left the road cutting accross the grass, driving the wrong way on a ramp merging onto the highway, or driving the wrong way against traffic to get back to an exit, THEN the cops can take whatever action to stop it.

  • Jackie

    Your witnessing the death of our sport right there, at least here in the US. Don’t you just feel it in your gut?

    The level of stupidity is just growing to obscene levels all over the county. How can communities not react to scenes like that.

    Ride it while you can.

  • TheFunkyMonkey

    Patron — did we watch the same video??? With regard to the riders and their actions, how about taking up the entire roadway and blocking traffic; riding on the shoulder; pulling wheelies; etc.

    Jackie — you are 100% correct. There is no organization and/or lobby group like the AMA that is going to be able to save our beloved sport based on the proliferation of actions like seen in the video. A very sad time in the US…

  • Patron

    @Funky. Your right, it was pure squidly. But they were on the shoulders as a result of the roadblock. I’m not siding w the bikers, just stating what I saw. And if they were traveling at the posted speed, I’m not sure using all the lanes is illegal. But I dont know every law out there

  • Patron

    no excuse for wheelies tho

  • Josh..

    While I think stunting is lame.. I’m curious as to what probable cause the police had. A few guys wheelie and that’s reason to shut down at highway?

    To me it looks more like the nanny state the USA is turning into. Who cares really if these kids “stunt”? Is it really hurting that many people? I know you will make the claim that it’s dangerous. But so is letting people drive 3ton trucks everywhere while they talk on the cell phone.

    Stop taking away freedom’s America. Let the kids have some fun.

    Living in Naples Italy the last 3 years, even though this city has many problems.. When I weave in and out of traffic, cruise on the freeway at 110mph. ***NO ONE CARES.**** No one calls the cops or honks the horn. Is it dangerous? Of course but so is riding a motorcycle in general. Just ask my father who suffered brain damage while driving 35mph on a Harley while obeying all traffic laws.

  • Mark

    “He who would sacrifice liberty for safety deserves neither.” Benjamin Franklin

    I got pulled over by a Missouri cop on a cross country ride, they do seem to hate sport bikes quite a bit.

  • Singletrack

    The police created the debacle by closing the highway. Typical overreaction to a minor issue. Did they really think they would stop hundreds of bikes and corrall them in an organized manner??

    I don’t condone the actions of the dickwads, as that ride-out seemed to be the most pointless sportbike event ever.

    But if the cops had picked off the idiots one-by-one, word would have gotten out and, and not gotten out of hand like it did.

  • SiafaAlvin

    Both sides are wrong. I’m betting that while the majority of them were well-behaved and riding under speed…they were still taking up all of the lanes – not to mention they were probably hooning around elsewhere before getting on the highway and just generally disrupting traffic. Large group rides like that are stupid, unless you’re doing it in an organized – and more importantly *police-escorted* – memorial parade (like D.C.’s Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day). That said, cop response was excessive, and probably forced a lot of the nonsense; riding in the opposite direction on a freeway is insane, but so is thinking that running bikers off the road in full view of a swarm of bikers will get them to suddenly stop and cooperate.

    Moral of the Story: groups of more than 3 riders = asking for trouble. Probably shouldn’t be that way, but there it is.

  • Sid

    “Oh man, it was great. There were hundreds of us on the flat freeway.”


  • smiler

    Who cares really if these kids “stunt”? Is it really hurting that many people?
    Those that have to pick these dicheads off the road, those that have to take them to hospital, those that have to mend them and those who watch their children starting to do the same thing because it is cool and gnarley.

    I know you will make the claim that it’s dangerous.
    For every one who does not get injured then are plenty that do. Dangerous is one thing. Stupidty and endangering others whilst not even bothering to wear some correct clothing because you are a pussy if you do. Why not hire a track or do it on closed or unused roads. Because you get no attention.

    Stop taking away freedom’s America. Let the kids have some fun
    gnarly man. Americ never has been free and never will look at the history of those that built it.

  • John G.

    I guess it could be argued that people riding like this are precisely why we get harassed on our bikes as much as we do.

  • wow… I’m a bit speechless, but I don’t think anyone above is wrong as it’s all mirrored by what we have experienced.

    At first I see cops pulling over folks who are stretched across the highway to probably tell them what to do and what not to do. Based on my experience, they will yell and associate you with every other asshat. However, the bikers start running and going the wrong way on an on ramp and it’s game on at that point.
    Sorry you are not smart enough to just pull over and take your lecture; but now you are a squid and squid get eaten pure and simple. I didn’t really see “RAMMIMG” like I expected… that is for sure, but these 10 minutes are going to do nothing but hurt us all.

    Ride Safe!

  • Singletrack–How do you suggest the cops, “pick them off one-by-one”, when all the squids do is disappear into the middle of the pack of 200 bikes? Oh, and hard to tell in the video, but I’m guessing quite a few of the bikes had their license plates removed or covered.

  • John G–I couldn’t agree more. I bet their local politicians are getting inundated by demands from their car-driving constituents to DO SOMETHING about this type of activity.

    Yep, asshats like these will ensure we all receive much more attention in the future.

  • TRL

    Best to avoid MO like the plague whether you are a law abiding citizen or not.

  • I thought I was watching a video from China. Only in China do you regularly see people (mostly cars and trucks) reverse on a Hiway when they pass their exit. I guess some of that stupidity has morphed into Missouri.

  • Kevin

    Jensen Beeler seems to not understand what happened here, so I will attempt to fill in the gaps. First, you have a group of people guilty of the following crimes; Reckless driving, reckless endangerment, speeding, lane violations, etc… These warranted a police response. After the police responded, they added to these, felony eluding and traffic direction violations. Once you have turned it into felony eluding, police are in fact authorized to perform a pit maneuver on you, regardless of your mode of transportation. It is not for your safety, but the safety of others. It is not to protect your passengers, as they are your responsibility, the safety of the general public is the responsibility of the police and if you are driving in an erratic manner that could result in an injury to an innocent bystander, forcing you and your vehicle off the road becomes a priority. The police in this instance did nothing wrong, and performed the actions made necessary by the criminals in this case. Jensen Beeler is allowing his sympathy for motorcycle riders override his common sense that they were in fact criminals endangering the well being of many people in order to avoid the punishment they had brought on themselves. I am a motorcycle rider, and have ridden a multitude of motorcycle types (cruisers, sport tourers, luxury tourers, enduro, dirt, and yes, even large displacement scooters) but feel no sympathy to anyone who would turn a simple traffic violation into endangering the lives of others by trying to avoid the citation. If you are man enough to break the law, be man enough to take the ticket. Otherwise accept that law enforcement will rightfully do what is necessary to ensure the public safety, even if it means endangering you.

  • tonestar

    ok guys, can we stop pissing on each others states already ?! we’re all bikers and that should stand for alot, regardless of where you’re from.

    yes, the headline was excessive- i didn’t see any “ramming at speed”. i did see a few dumbassed cops acting very stupidly- how about if that chick with her idiot boy going up the onramp the wrong way would have beened knocked off and paralized or worse? the other one was nuthin- guy would have fallen over in the grass. but the cop was still wrong to do it.

    but these bikers are morons!! i can’t condone the cops actions, but i sure can’t condone any of the riders actions either. but this isn’t the end of motorcycling in the us or anything, i sure imagine some lawyers will get rich, some bikers will lose their licenses (as they should), and those cuople cops should lose their jobs, which they probably wont.

    and i ride a ducati and grew up in texas…

    one last thing- that guy in the red sure did pull a nice freakin wheelie huh?!

  • Echo

    I am one of these “fuck the police” types. FUCK the police. No sympathy from me, ever.

  • Echo

    I am one of these “f%ck the police” types. F#CK the police. No sympathy from me, ever.

  • gwilo

    @ Jake F

    You are right, the two on the bike that ‘the cop car hit’ it looked to me going the wrong way on an exit ramp , looks like ‘they hit the cop car’

    The first one with the ‘off road hit’ again it looked to me that the bike got in the way of the cop car.

  • Westward

    So I have watched a few video’s linked to this particular ride. Though it seems that there was general hooliganism, I think it is deplorable that the law would attempt to target a rider with a passenger, as I think that sort of pair would be least likely to be accused of anything other than being present.

    Ramming anyone on a bike should not be a tactic period in this case. Just because a citizen is being reckless, does not give the authorities the justification to be reckless in their actions too. For if they are not held to a higher standard, then why should anyone care…

    Law enforcement should be the example that brings about order, not add to the chaos…

  • @ Westward
    I agree with 100%
    “it is deplorable that the law would attempt to target a rider with a passenger”.

    @ Kevin
    “authorized to perform a pit maneuver on you, regardless of your mode of transportation. It is not for your safety, but the safety of others. It is not to protect your passengers, as they are your responsibility”
    Really? Do you even ride a bike? Are you even human? I’m speechless. Other than I would call you every name in the book, which I did but Jensen removed it. I’m not sure what state YOU are from, but I do know for sure there are a lot of Dickbags there.

  • 1096

    I think I’m about pro-rights, anti-totalitarianism as it’s possible to be, but I saw a group of people endangering others on a public way, and using the speed and maneuverability or their vehicles, along with the anonymity of a large group, to do things that endangered everyone else on that road.

    And in spite of the semi-hysterical headline, I didn’t see any really aggressive moves by the police; in fact, if they’d been ‘out of control’ I think there would be lots of dead bikers, and I haven’t heard about that occurring.

    Just because I also ride a motorcycle (in fact, a sportbike) doesn’t mean I sympathize automatically with any idiot breaking the law who also happens to be riding one. These folks were a menace, and from the looks of the group, had gone out with the specific intent not to ride on, but to take over, that highway.

  • “endangered everyone else on that road”
    Come on 1096.
    Inconveniencing everyone else on the road, yes.
    Endangering themselves, some for sure.

  • 1096

    If you don’t think riding like that, including running backwards down ramps, ‘endangers’ everyone else, I can’t help you.

    I have seen far simpler acts of recklessness cause serious accidents.

    If you agree they are ‘endangering themselves’, then let me ask you this; what happens when one of the squids in the middle goes down hard? Pile-up? Mass confusion as the overdense crowd of bikes tries to avoid the accident? Would you really want your grandmother trying to drive down that highway when that happened?

    Ultimately, these are PUBLIC roads we’re talking about; for the use of all, paid for by all. Any group seizing control, as it were, and using them inappropriately and dangerously is the legitimate purview of the police; that is, in fact, what we pay them to do.

  • Remember “everyone else” you’re talking about are in shiny boxes, while “they” are on bikes.

    The mass confusion pileup movie scene you’re talking about is the same type of what-if that others here are arguing. I’ve seen so many of these videos (as many as I could find up to a few months ago), and only saw 3 with accidents. I’m not claiming that I’ve seen them all and of course not everything is videoed. But vs the amount of footage out there (it seems like every other helmet in the crowd has a camera) this gives a good representation. 2 were single bike crashes. 1 showed a bike wiping out 2 or 3 other bikes. None looked very bad.

    I’m not trying to defend them, as their actions speak for themselves. I actually agree with some of what you’re saying, except your interpretation is extreme. All I’m saying is 1) it is irrehensible to suggest that a passenger on a bike is simply the motorcyclist’s responsibility and is insignificant to a cop ramming them, and 2) there’s no need for exaggerating the situation to justify the reaction by the police or anyone else. It is what it is. Don’t dramatize it with what-if fantasies like my grandmother driving up on total anarchy spilling out of a big pile of dead bikers. What these douchers could have done is irrelevant.

  • 1096

    The world is full of ‘what-if’s’; it’s how thinking people manage the potential consequences of the actions. They were putting people at risk, far more than the police put them in.

    The police put on their lights, and folks don’t stop, head for the grass, spin around and drive backwards (!!) down the highway; everything that happens after that point is their fault, both morally and in the law.

    Again, PUBLIC highway, not PRIVATE playground.

  • TC

    If you don’t want to get rammed by the police cruiser, then stop. All those punks are evading the police during a lawful stop.

  • Tom

    My dad always told me when I was growing up, “Son, guilty people run. If you ain’t done anything, don’t run. It’ll look like you did.”

  • Christian

    What morons! I’d probably ram them as well. I sometimes ride hard on the street but I would never obstruct traffic in this fashion. Or should I say lack of fashion? :)

  • Damo


    A woman here in Massachusetts got killed when some squid plowed into her driver’s side door at about 75mph on a 35mph residential street while she was making a legal turn. The rider was thrown off the bike and survived, she had a 425lb missile in her front seat.

    So yes, when you ride like this you do endanger everyone else. Hell, people around here have gotten killed in accidents with deer and they only run about 15mph, weight less than a bike and rider and aren’t made out of metal.

  • alex

    Seems like a straight forward case of entrapment based on there actions to lie in wait. And certainly the term unjust enrichment comes to mind when I hear they issued over 90 infractions.

    I see biker gangs on PCH all the time blocking traffic running red lights and doing all types of ill shxt. But I guess the police don’t like to mess with anyone who will fight them back.

  • Damo


    How the is it entrapment? The cops didn’t stage the ride.

  • 1096

    “Entrapment” is a term with a legal definition. This did not meet it in any way whatsoever.

    Words have meanings….

  • buellracerx

    cops did nothing wrong, the motorcyclists were evading and riding illegally.

    I didn’t even notice the collisions until the video went to slow motion, why don’t you squids go ride on a track using more than 30% of your bike’s capability, bang bars at 130+ going into T1, then talk to me about “collisions”. pussies.

  • Rex

    I saw only one officer who should face action and that was the one who turned INTO the path of the bike that was going up the ramp. Otherwise, everyone of those idiots who failed to stop when they heard the officer’s siren should be dealt with. It’s clear that the officers are trying to get the attention of the riders by sounding their sirens and showing their flashing lights. Not only do most of the riders continue on but they speed up! then the lead dumba$$ decides to cut through the median before going the wrong way up the exit ramp which leads to others following along like a bunch of scared little kids running from the boogieman. Lets face it, the huge collection of bikes isn’t what first attracted the officers attention, it was a select few morons who were riding like they were on a Huffy bicycle at a skate park. Leading from what buellracerx said about the track, if people want to ride like this that’s fine but DO IT ON A TRACK!! A public road is not the place to do it and a busy highway damn sure isn’t the place either. At least that way when you run out of talent you hit something that says Airfence and not Buick.

  • Rolf

    Please note that all the bikes that were “rammed” were ignoring clear obvious stop signs. If the group had stopped, this would not have happened. Don’t blame others for your own disobedience.

  • Johndo

    Cops just needed to grab a few gopros from the normal riders that respected the order to stop, and they have all the information required to send the tickets, no need to try to kill or hurt the bikers for that. And on the other hands many of those bikers are idiots…specially those trying to run away from the cops with a passenger…how selfish can you be? You drove like an idiot, but other peoples’ lives at risk (including fellow bikers), stop and take it like a man. You’d never catch me riding in a group like that, the perfect recipe for disaster, some we’re popping wheelies and could barely stay in their lane…idiots…idiots…

  • dave

    What you don’t seem to realize…though being harassed by cops…riding a bike…or in a street race looking vehicle. It is behavior like these stunters on city streets and street racers that cause you to be harassed. Flaunting the law brings more attention. Get really out there you can expect to be run down.