Metzeler Brings Out 18″ Tires for Classic Racers

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Vintage racers know all too well the difficulty there can be when it comes to finding appropriate tires for the race track, as the odd rim sizes of classic motorcycles are often outside the sizing parameters of good modern sticky tires.

This leaves many racers using street-focused tires for their racing needs, but that could all come to an end, as Metzeler is expanding its Racetec RR Range to include 18-inch wheel sizes.

Going forward from today’s announcement, the Metzeler Racetec RR DOT race tire will come in the company’s K1 compound (Metzeler’s softest compound), in the following sizes: 110/80-ZR18 (58W) front, and 150/65-ZR18(69W) & 160/60-ZR18 (70W) rear tires.

This news is especially important to the vintage racing space, as machines of considerable horsepower and very rigid chassis are becoming race-legal in various classic motorcycle racing series around the world.

Now able to match these powerful classic racing motorcycles with similarly matched performance tires, vintage racers can focus on more important things, like setting the jetting on their carburetor.

Source: Metzeler

Jensen Beeler

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