Fresh off the heels of him wining the 2012 World Superbike Championship, question marks surround Max Biaggi — will he stay with Aprilia for another season and defend his title? Or, will he end his motorcycle racing career on a high, having just collected his sixth world title?

The crystal ball on this subject is uncertain. Though still not re-signed with the factory Aprilia squad for the next World Superbike Championship season, Biaggi did take part in the latest WSBK test at Aragon, which certainly lead to some believing the Roman Emperor would race for at least another season.

However, at 5pm Tuesday, local time, in Vallelunga, Italy, Max Biaggi will be making a yet unknown announcement about his future. The venue is an interesting choice, as Vallelunga is the circuit where Biaggi started his motorcycle racing career, and thus holds a great deal of sentimental value to the Italian rider.

As such, the circuit would provide a great deal of symmetry to Max’s career if he decided to end his career at the same race track — finishing things where they all began.

In a team that is built around Biaggi as a rider, it is interesting to think about whom could ride the top bike in one of World Superbike’s premier teams. Rumor has it that Sylvain Guintoli broke a contract agreement with the Fixi Crescent Suzuki team in order to have a shot at the Aprilia ride, though Guinters is now being linked to the #2 bike in a yet unannounced factory Ducati team. Coincidence? Or did Aprilia find another rider? Perhaps Max is staying put?

With Biaggi and his crew tight-lipped about what the announcement could be about, we are left to speculate as to the contents of the champion’s coming message. However, given the duration of time into the post-season this announcement comes, and that there is even an announcement event in the first place, let alone one at a circuit with so much personal connection to Max Biaggi’s career, smart conjecture is that Biaggi is set to retire from motorcycle racing. It is all very convoluted right now, but as always, time will tell.

Source: Motosprint

  • Ken C.

    I’ll save you the trouble of a Google search for time difference in Vallelunga, Italy.

    They’re 9 hours ahead of us, Pacific Time, or 6 hours ahead of Eastern. In other words, 8:00AM PST or 11:00AM EST.

    I hope he’s retiring. I can’t stand that guy.

  • Neil

    I would like to see Max come back but wouldn’t blame him if he retired and went out on top …

  • Spamtasticus

    He is retiring. Period.
    Resigning would never call for a press conference.
    A move to MotoGP would call for a conference but a move to a CRT team would be practically a step backwards to someone like Max.
    Retiring now after winning bynthe skin of his teeth is the only logical reason. He was raked across the hot stones this season and he is euphoric and relieved it endedmlikemthis and is to old and saltymnot to recognize the unique opportunity to endnhis carreer like this.

    Its Retirement.

  • smiler

    one thing is for sure, if he does Rossi will be pissed of at not being able to race him in WSB. If he was sensible he would. Not many are though. Stacey being the exception to that and most rules.

  • sburns2421

    Assuming he will retire, it is very possible that a rider like Guintoli is already signed to replace Max, as I assume Biaggi has notified Aprilia at least of his intention to retire. So Guintoli breaks his contract with a Suzuki team going nowhere fast, signs with Aprilia some time in the last couple of weeks, and immediately after Max has his press conference Aprilia issues a statement that Sylvain has signed with the team.

  • smiler

    Lets try that again this time as a grown up.
    On thing is for sure Rossi will be annoyed, if Biaggi dies retire because he won’t be around in WSB and actually who else from MotoGP will be. If Biaggi was sensible he would retire. However motorcycle racers rarely are and so many go on until injury overtakes them. Doohan, Sheene, Foggy to name a few. Stacey is the exception to that rule and most other rules governing motorcycle racers.

  • Max, not much to like about him early… but give him his credit… he is VERY fast on that APE… faster than most would be folks to replace him. He could definitely make it another year… he doesn’t crash a lot and he is a shoe in for top 5 baring injury or bike misfires.

    However, not everyone gets to go out on top as champ… not even Rossi (most likely), but what else you gonna do my friends? Stay home and write encouraging letters to Marco on the BMW?

  • pooch

    If you think Rossi is going to WSBK then think again… no way will the figurehead of MotoGP leave it for what is seen as the lesser series. Much more likely he will go to 4 wheels, like Stoner. BTW Calling him Stacey is disrespectful and childish, but easy to do when you’re only a keyboard warrior.

    Max is one of the best Racers is the world – period – but never had the Media personality. I don’t like him any less for that, nor his temper tantrums with Melandri etc. Max is, was, a great Motorcycle Racer.

  • If I recall the one on one interview by Jamie Robinson in Max’s California digs earlier this year I’d say he’s ready to spend some time with his children. It does make total sense to go out on top and so I’m sure he will announce that he’s………………………..

  • Damo


    You know Rossi’s Yamaha contract specifically guarantees two years in MotoGP with an option to transfer to WSBK in 2015, right? Don’t take my word for it, google it.

  • Yeeha! Stephen

    @ Damo

    Yes, the reports say 2015 option to WSBK… but, it also says to develop the new WSBK entry. Don’t ya’ think Rossi’s had enough of ”development” rides?
    All depends on his success as a 2013/14 rider. No Championship – he’s done.

  • gsp75

    Was wondering who Stacey was @pooch why is everyone criticizing Max for maybe retiring ??? Look at the state of racing where the soul has been ripped out and stomped on. Like many have said to leave on top is hard to do when you love your sport even Jordan couldnt do it. Max as a racer at 41 is MF AWESOME !!! As a person with the few interactions seems like a great guy (no homo) there always has to be some you love and love to hate…

  • Championships are forever

  • Faust


    Yeah, it would be devastating for Dorna to lose Rossi to WSBK…. oh wait, they own both series. I’m sure they specifically included the WSBK language in Rossi’s contract for no reason whatsoever….. DURRRRRR