Marco Simoncelli Foundation Created

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Talking to some friends the other day, who had recently watched Mark Neale’s latest MotoGP documentary Fastest, it was clear to me that the loss of SuperSic still runs deep with fans and the GP paddock alike. Gearing up for the 2012 MotoGP season, it would appear to be a done-deal that Rossi will use his Simoncelli Tribute helmet at least one or more times next season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Italian included a special tribute to SuperSic on his bike somewhere (along with his dogs of course).

While it will take sometime for the wounds of his passing to heal with his closest friends and family, the efforts to immortalize Marco Simoncelli have progressed well so far in this off-season. After the untimely death of Marco, it was announced that the non-profit Marco Simoncelli Foundation would be created to honor the lovable MotoGP racer. At the time, details of the organization, and its mission were vague, but now with its official formation, details about the charity are starting to come together.

While how the Marco Simoncelli Foundation will use its funds has still not been told succinctly, statements by Marco’s father, Paolo Simoncelli, seem to suggest the use of raised funds will go towards efforts with a more humanitarian purpose. Now a legal entity, the foundation has created at least a basic website, and plans to officially launch on January 20th, 2012 — what would have been Marco’s 25th birthday.

“The basic premise of the Foundation is that through keeping the memory of Marco alive we can help alleviate suffering of those who are worse off than us,” explained Paolo Simoncelli. “It is hard for me to say where and how the funds raised will be distributed, since I cannot assess how much we will have available as time goes by. One thing is certain; I will try and manage all this as a good father. We received a huge number of messages of affection for Marco, and this has helped and continues to help us overcome the difficult times that we live with daily. Seeing how many people loved our son has helped us go on and we believe that ‘The Marco Simoncelli Foundation’ represents the best way to remember him in the future.”

We’ll have to wait several more weeks to learn more about the new Marco Simoncelli Foundation, though it is warming to see that the group is moving forward. Currently, the Marco Simoncelli Foundation is taking annual memberships of €30, which makes one a ‘SIC SUPPORTER’, a title that will be explained further in January 2012.

It will be interesting to see if the non-profit maintains any sort of link with motorcycle racing, for example helping tackle motorcycle-related issues, or if its resources will be devoted to causes entirely outside of two-wheeled life. If that is the case (and it appears to be), then the question remains what sort of lasting connection will the Marco Simoncelli Foundation have with MotoGP, and will it have the support and help GP’s riders, similar to what we see with Riders for Health?

Source: Marco Simoncelli Foundation via MotoMatters & MotoGP