Macau Grand Prix Cut Short by Tragic Fatality

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The 51st running of the Macau Grand Prix got underway today under auspicious conditions, the race organizers finding a narrow window in the rain to let the motorcycles out on the road course.

That would prove to be a fateful move however, as the race would last only six of its twelve laps, with tragedy striking and red flags flying.

A crash in Fisherman’s Bend caused the race’s early conclusion, and in its aftermath we have learned that British rider Daniel Hegarty lost his life in the unfortunate incident.

Concluding the race, and even holding a podium ceremony, the paddock was anything but celebratory after the race’s conclusion.

Race-winner Glenn Irwin described as “not a celebration” – Irwin was leading Peter Hickman, in what was becoming a close-fought race, when the red flags appeared on the lead group’s seventh lap.

“It was just three people standing on boxes. There will never be a podium for this race,” added Irwin, while talking to the BBC.

According to a report from Motorsport, which quotes a statement from the race organizers, Hegarty passed away while in route to the hospital. He was 31 years of age.

The incident is a massive tragedy for the road racing community. This year’s race was Hegarty’s second Macau Grand Prix, though he had previously raced at the Isle of Man on numerous occasions.

Our sincerest thoughts go out to Daniel Hegarty’s family, friends, team, and fans. Today is a great loss.

Photo: Macau GP