What a “Good” Crash at Pikes Peak Looks Like

06/25/2014 @ 5:04 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS


The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a risky proposition, especially for the competitors in the motorcycle classes. A course where instead of run-off, sheer drops and rock-filled inclines abound, the joke is that if you go down at any one of the 156 turns that comprise the race course, it’s likely that you won’t die from the impact…you’ll die from starvation during the drop.

That is certainly hyperbole (except for the turn aptly named “Bottomless Pit”), as the danger is very real. We can give no better example than the footage from yesterday’s motorcycle session, at the top of the mountain.

During the practice days, competitors go full-tilt up the mountain road, are collected, and then as a group descend to the starting point for another run. That day for supermoto rider Tom Specht, in the Pikes Peak Middleweight class, the mountain showed why you can never let your guard down.

Taking a tumblefew miles from the summit, Specht was “lucky” in the sense that he only suffered shoulder injuries from his rapid descent. This could have been way worse.

For Jeff Grace, who “caught” Specht’s Honda CRF450 as it landed in the road in front him — well, at least he only has some scuffs and scrapes, not to mention a great video to show everyone. No crash is ever a good crash, but at Pikes Peak, this might be as “good” as it gets, since everyone involved will ride another day.

The 92nd running of the “Race to the Clouds” goes off Sunday morning. We’ll be bringing you more pictures and report throughout the rest of the week. Stay tuned right here to A&R.

Source: Jeff Grace (YouTube)

  • ian john

    Yeah well, im always lookin up as well as ahead on my commute…….

  • crshnbrn

    There’s something you don’t see every day.

  • Norman Kneenja Kneen

    This is very much a challenge alright similar to our own Isle of Man TT mountain course races,although our snaefell mountain is only 2034 ft high ,but the lap is 37 and 3/4 miles long and 226 bends of a pure roads circuit ,but I can see the attraction of the challenge.Guy Martin a top TT rider is taking on the challenge of pikes peak this year.so it will be interesting to hear his comparison to the TT course.

  • smiler

    Is it a shame that the road is now all Asphalt and not mixed?

  • pooch

    Well no dirt sections in THEORY means a safer track eh ?

    Reminds me of when a tall tree prob about 20m high decided to fall from bushland in front of my buddy as we were riding the North East here in Australia. You just never know where something’s going to come at you from when you ride but that was pretty amazing. Thanks for posting it !

    I’m keen to see how the electric bikes go this year.

  • crshnbrn

    re: “it will be interesting to hear his [Guy Martin’s] comparison to the TT course.”

    Yes, but you will have to listen to his comparison at least twice to figure out what the man is saying. Maybe more if he is interviewed at the summit.

  • L2C

    Watching the video without the sound made it seem like I was witnessing someone else’s bad dream.

  • Diego

    Target fixation, it can be a bitch…