A Lap Around Aragon with Leon Camier

11/29/2012 @ 6:19 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

I have heard only good things about Motorland Aragon, and the Spanish track is on the short-list of circuits I would like to visit in the coming year. Until I can make that trip though, this video, courtesy of FIXI Crescent Suzuki, might be the closest I can get to riding the venue.

Riding on-board with Leon Camier, this two-minute clip is for the purists. There is no K-pop audio track, no dubsteb distraction, and certainly no symphonic overtures. Just a Brit banging his wrist on a Yoshimura-powered Suzuki GSX-R1000 WSBK race bike. The concerto is after the jump.

Source: Crescent Racing (YouTube)

  • meatspin

    the profile on the gas tank doesn’t seem to match the shape on the stock GSXR

  • Shame we can’t have a few more vids with the cam mounted on the front of the tank looking at the instruments and through the screen. Love the soundtrack to this video but the constant changes in viewpoint really distract and annoy. I want to see what the rider sees, not all other directions.

  • MikeD

    ALL GOODNESS. One sharp looking and sounding bike.

    I miss riding my old EXXON VALDEZ GS1100G…she was a pig but a screaming pig at that.
    Nothing sounds like a screamer at full swing (even better if air cooled).


    I said the same but being it a race bike i guess it got to do with “form follows function ?” deal.
    Then again, doesn’t this class tries to mimic as much as possible the street ones ? Go figure.

  • L2C

    Why am I looking at the sky, and dude’s forehead and jawline? What’s with all those fast edits? Is it trying to sell me something? The helmet? The boots? Sonny Crockett on a crotch rocket? Cue Phil Collins?

    That shit was confusing. Maybe I’m not a purist.

  • @Julian Bond – totally agree. Every time a corner entry approached the camera angle changed. Corner exits were looking backwards. Pales in comparison to the Mecau video.