KTM has announced it will be entering the Moto3 Championship, building a 250cc single-cylinder bike in what the company is describing as an 100% in-house operation. This statement is a bit confusing though, as KTM will also be partnering with Kalex Engineering on a second bike, where KTM will help the German company by supplying their race motors. No riders have been confirmed on either the KTM or KTM/Kalex machines.

KTM’s return to international road racing is certainly a welcomed sight, and it’s interesting that the Austrian company is both building its own bike, and supplying motors to other outfits. Both the KTM and KTM/Kalex machines will have to compete against the Honda NSF250R race bike, which Honda debuted at the Catalan GP just yesterday.

“We approach our entry into the Moto3 class with confidence. Our own plans are right on schedule for a racing bike completely developed in Mattighofen, while at the same time we have also found the best possible partner, who will present our engine at a very high and professional level,” said Pit Beirer, Head of KTM Motorsports. “Kalex Engineering is well positioned for this in every way and just like KTM is highly motivated to develop a bike capable of winning in the new Moto3 category.”

“The exclusive partnership with KTM as supplier of engines is a big step forward for us. As we already have a good insight into the construction of the new KTM Moto3 engine we feel certain that we have the best basis for the drive system for our own racing motorcycle,” Alex Baumgärtel, Managing Director Kalex Engineering. “With this combination we can continue to build on the success we have enjoyed in the Moto2 class. We are very much looking forward to the development and the 2012 season.”

Source: KTM

  • irta.. =)

  • 76

    I take that back about the Honda, I will want this one

  • Odie

    This might be the beginning of a 250 4-stroke war … kind of like what happened in the 125gp and 250gp with KTM, Honda, Aprilia etc. Should eventually see 250 4-strokes make a lot more power.

  • flyboy2160

    I hope this leads to a very light street 250 (I already know about the possible Duke 250/300) and maybe even a street replica 250 war in addition to the track 250 war.

  • 76

    Dorna is really shaping things up, moto2 is a success, GP is going back to 1000’s, 125 is going to break free of the shackles of Aprilia…. now all they need to do is give the 1000’s more drink, 24L and ban traction control.. a perfect world

  • yunus
  • This new 250 GP class is very exciting — a welcomed change. I hope they keep it “affordable.”