Kenny Roberts Eyes Moto2

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It looks like Kenny Roberts will be returning to premiere motorcycle racing, this time in the upcoming Moto2 series. The new Moto2 series is almost a replay of Roberts’ earlier endevours into MotoGP, a honda motor and a custom chassis.ÊRoberts bowed out of MotoGP in 2007 after money dried up for his Proton backed team, and they were not able to remain competitive.

However, with the expected lower costs of running in the Moto2 series, Roberts may have found the perfect fit for his tight budget, and custom chassis making experience. Also, with Robert’s team already in place loosely, working on a 600cc track bike, the conversion over to the Moto2 should be fairly painless.

KR seems confident that his team can make the switch in work relatively easily, and be ready for the start of the 2010 Moto2 season.

“It will probably take us three months to have a motorcycle once I say ‘go.’ We’ve got the CAD from Honda and that’s really easy for us. All that stuff is still in place and designing it and making it is really easy for us. The first one might be made in England and then we transfer it. I’m looking for a two or three-year deal and not a one-year deal.”

Roberts also hopes to field a set of young American riders, which could create a much needed pipeline for Americans into GP racing.

“I’d like to get a couple of young American riders. Getting them young enough or late enough so they can win. We want to be up front, because it’s rough selling if you’re not up front.”

Hopefully Moto2 will be a better match for Team Roberts and we can see them run up-front for a change.

Source: Cycle News