Have You Done a Lap Around Road America?

06/08/2012 @ 6:01 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

In case you haven’t done the 14 turns of Wisconsin’s 4.048 mile track, we have got a video of some guy named Josh putting in a very tidy lap on his Yamaha YZF-R1 at Road America this past weekend. Setting off from pit lane, he gives a wave to his friend Geoff before entering the course on this nice Sunday morning ride. From what we understand in the YouTube comments of this video, Josh is quite the motorcycle enthusiast…even his wife rides!

Source: Yamaha

  • default

    To answer your question, yes, I have done three laps.

  • jake

    god i hate these stupid ego cams. what is the freakin point of having the cam facing the rider? i miss the old days where there was a front mounted cam and a rear mounted cam facing the track . i see it all the time people at the track with butt cams and the cam showing their hand…..wtf? what is the point. don’t get how this is more interesting than watching the track. got friends that want to show me their track vids and it’s generally nothing but ego views that show nothing of the track or how the person was riding. maybe that is the point. you can look like a hero while riding like a chump

    total wast of footage. Road America is fun to ride (I’ve ridden it) but this clip misses all of that

  • Anti

    Couldn’t agree more jake. Might even go as far to call it logo cam, all I can see are sponsorship logos. Disappointing.

  • Grant Madden

    Sure would have liked to see some of the track and less of Joshs chest really.

  • arrow

    I enjoyed the video because it shows how he moves around the bike, his body positioning etc. I doubt a racer of his caliber put the cam there to stroke his ego. Just my two cents…

  • Adam

    It was interesting to see how Josh moves around on the bike and where he is looking how hes using his hands. I don’t see how any of the other million videos on the net showing some track day hero while staring at a front view of a track are any different. every race video is the same guy goes around track. clearly this is a marketing video by Yamaha, but who cares all I see is the monster “M” everywhere when I watch the races on TV too.

  • Jake

    A short clip of body in motion here or there isn’t a problem, but a whole freakin vid of it? Sorry I find the WAY more boring then actually the track. To me it would be more useful to see the lines he’s taking rather then his what his body is doing. What are his hands doing? I don’t get what there is to see. There is a clutch, brake and throttle…nothing terribly exciting and nothing to learn from especially if there is no reference to where he is applying them. Same goes for where he is looking. To me that is pointless because people are different and what he uses as a reference or how far he has to look up the track is again a personal subjective thing that is in a lot of ways useless if you don’t have it in the context of what he is looking at. If they are going to do this why not take a little effort to edit it clip so that it has pip or goes between different views. I just find it funny that people find and isolated body with limited movement more interesting then the actual activity