WSBK: John Hopkins Amputates Finger

01/16/2012 @ 12:45 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS

On his way to recovery, in more than one way, John Hopkins may not be the man he used to be after this weekend. Having a number of surgeries and complications with his right hand after his MotoGP wild card crash at Brno, Hopper finally resorted to having the top of his right ring finger amputated on Friday. Set to start physiotherapy in about a week and to back on the bike in three weeks, Hopkins hopes┬áto be ready in time for World Superbike’s season-opener at Phillip Island in six weeks’ time.

Consulting with physicians before the surgery on Thursday, the amputation of part of Hopper’s finger was viewed as the best way to resolve his continuing problems with his hand, and ensure that his 2012 WSBK season would remain intact. Hopkins has a lot riding on this season, as he and Crescent Suzuki are hoping to continue the momentum from the 2011 British Superbike Championship. With Hopper hoping to return to MotoGP in 2013, we don’t think the Anglo-American’s resolve to accomplish that goal can be questioned at this point.

“I went to see my doctor for a progress report and the news was not great,” explained Hopkins. “It’s never good news when you have to lose a body part, but this was the best scenario all-round because otherwise the situation could’ve dragged on for some time, with not necessarily a better result in the end.”

“Apart from the actual pain of the surgery, I must say that it’s feeling better already. I now have about 10 days when I cannot do any physio, but then I can start again,” Hopkins continued. “This is a bit of a setback, but really not too bad because I have been training and getting fit for some time now, so my base level is very good. I’ll be able to train fully again soon and be able to get on a bike in three weeks, so I’m sure I’ll be ok for our first tests in Australia.”

“I know the bike well and I’ve raced at Phillip Island before, so at least I will not be starting from scratch. Our GSX-R1000 has a very good base setting and I am confident that we’re not going to be struggling at the start. The level of competition is tough for sure, but I think we’re going to be competitive right from the start.”

Source: Suzuki; Photo: John Hopkins (Twitter)

  • Ades

    Now THAT is dedication….. Good luck this year Hopper, continue to beat your demons.

  • MP

    Hopper the Shocker!? Good luck this season Hopps – America is in your paddock

  • Halfie 30

    Wow! Well, like this article says, no one can question his dedication now. I was kind of upset with Hopper after being a huge fan when he turned down tue Hayate ride in Moto GP a few years back seemingly for money according to Marco Melandri and others, but I love his style and this move shows he is willing to do what it takes to be the fastest he can be… Go Hopper!!!!

  • irksome

    Golly; despite the title’s implication, I’ll assume he let a qualified doctor do it…

  • James Schipper

    Barry Sheene woulda used bolt cutters, but Hopper is pretty hardcore too, I guess.

  • John Magnum

    i would have got a short brake / clutch lever grafted to the bone in place of the finger. that be cool.

  • Utsav

    I salute to your Dedication Mr. Hopper

  • Damo

    Maybe it is good luck. He is running the same number as Bayliss and he won a world championship down one finger tip…..and minus one testicle.

    Anyway best of luck to Hopper, I can’t wait for the 2012 WSBK season. So many contenders this year.

  • Daniel Croft

    Shame they didn’t amputate those long nails… ; )

    Hope he’s fighting fit for the season.

  • Smitch

    Yeah, I thought the headline was going to say, “Dracula Amputates Finger” from the look of those fingernails!

  • Shaitan

    Serious dedication! Hopper is da man.

  • Lumengrid

    I hope he will preserve it in the jar!

    All the best Hopper!