We’ve just about wrapped up our coverage of the 2013 Isle of Man TT, but I wanted to leave you with this final video. On-board with Joey Dunlop during the Formula 1 practice session for the 1983 Isle of Man TT, you can hear the roar of Joey’s Honda V4 RS850R production racer, and watch one of the greatest riders ever on the Mountain Course.

With its ultra-short stroke, titanium valves, magnesium case covers, and a reported 135hp at the rear wheel, the RS850R is the machine that Joey took to his first win with the Japanese brand — a landmark occasion, which HRC just celebrated the 30th anniversary of at this year’s TT, with John McGuinness wearing Joey’s old livery.

We can’t think of a better way to end the TT season, nor can we think of a better way to remember Joey. Listen carefully as he narrates the course, you are listening to a true legend of the sport.

Source: Silodrome

  • Michael Esdaile

    Magnesium crankcases!!! The bikes had to have the crankcases from the street bike, which in this case was the VF750F. So if Joey’s bike had mag alloy cases, it was a cheater!


    The V4 Honda engines that came out of the 80s were the best engines around at the time, and by 1986 VFR750, everything that Honda had learned from racing had trickled down to the production bikes.

    This bike reminds me a lot of the Aprilia RSV4 today. And dollars to doughnuts Honda’s new V4 bike kicks serious ass.

    Joey had amazing focus as a rider.

  • Gonzo

    I think they meant to say case covers. I can find no specs on that bike that say the cases were magnesium. The only thing that does come up in a net search saying that is this article.

  • I remember Honda racing in 86 was producing magnesium headers, that cost $20,000 at the time.