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04/10/2012 @ 1:05 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

The low-point of a great race weekend, factory Kawasaki rider Joan Lascorz was airlifted out of the Imola circuit, after crashing during a post-race test at the Italian track. Flown immediately to the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna, Lascorz was diagnosed with a broken 6th vertebra (C6), and was reported to have suffered trauma to his spinal chord. Since the Spanish rider has been moved back to Spain, details about Lascorz’s condition have not been coming forth with regularity, though the latest update from the team is that the rider has been kept sedated to minimize his movement and because he still had fluid in his lungs.

Given the nature and location of his injuries, the immediate concern is that Lascorz could be suffering from paralysis, which could possibly affect both his arms and legs. We can only speculate at this time about the young rider’s prognosis, but reading from the chain events that have unfolded from the medical team at Imola, and the updates given from Maggiore Hospital, there is a legitimate reason to worry that Lascorz could have lost the use of his arms, and possibly his legs, though doctors have been careful to speculate in those terms.

Other concerns stem from the possibility of brain damage from both the impact, and the possibility that his spine injury could have affected the use of his lungs, leaving Lascorz without oxygen until the first aid responders at the track could reach him. It is important to remember that again, this is pure speculation at this point, but an injury so high on the spinal column is a very serious trauma, and can have devastating effects. It goes without saying that everyone in the racing community is hoping for the best for Joan Lascorz. We continue to hope for the best, and send out best thoughts to Joan and his family.

Press Release from the Kawasaki Racing Team:

Joan Lascorz remains in the Intensive Care Trauma Unit of the Vall d’Hebron hospital in Barcelona.

On the morning of Friday April 6 doctors began to wake Joan Lascorz, but on Saturday decided to sedate him again to keep him asleep. Mucus was still present in the lungs and the fact that Joan was moving a lot, meant that the doctors decided to keep him asleep for another four days until the lungs are completely free of mucus.

Until the doctors wake Joan and the neurologists are able to gather the relevant evidence, the exact extent of the injury and his chances of recovery cannot be established.

Joan’s family, the team and the whole Provec Kawasaki family would like to give their thanks for the thousands of messages of support received and the interest expressed by other riders, friends, media and fans.

The next release from the team will only be issued when there is some up-to-date news about the health of Joan Lascorz.

Meanwhile, from Tuesday 10 April onwards Joan Lascorz’s Facebook profile will carry updates about his situation every morning.

  • Heal well, man. Heal well. *sigh*

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  • MikeD

    A damn shame what happened to this kid…what’s with all this B.S falls and accidents turning out fatal or near fatal everytime ? INSIDE A FRIGGIN TRACK ?! Suddenly motorcycle commuting doesn’t look so suicidal anymore.

    If he can’t ride ever again at least i hope he will be able to walk at the very least.

  • Westward

    There are inherent dangers to some of the track layouts in WSBK. just look at Imola and the crash in race 1, where Haslam forced Guintoli offtrack in fight for 4th position. Guintoli’s bike hit one of the apexes on a chicane and flipped back on the track, taking out Hopkins who was in 10th and Davies at 19th…

    Motogp does not have those types of chicanes where an errant rider could interfere with oncoming competitors.

    Also, some of their walls are not in the most ideal places.

    Not sure where Lascaorz incident occurred, but layout could have been a factor. Needless to say, hopes and prayers to him and his family…