The fastest motorcyclist up Pikes Peak this year, Jeremy Toye upset the Ducati contingency in the “Open” class, with his stellar 9 minute 58.687 second race to the clouds, aboard his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R superbike.

A newcomer to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Toye also laid claim to the “Rookie of the Year” title with his impressive pace. So, sit back and take a ride up Pikes Peak’s 12.42 mile course, with its 156 turns and 4,720 feet of elevation change, courtesy of Toye and Kawasaki. This is probably as close as you’ll get to the event from now on.

Source: Kawasaki (YouTube)

  • mudgun

    Very nice riding. The only thing I would’ve done differently, if I Mr. Toye, is arrive at the summit 3 or 4 minutes later.

  • mudgun

    …if I was Mr. Toye,…

  • rully

    impressive run,…

    one thing i noticed though, when he turns right the camera seems to be very near to vertical but not so much when he turns left… i wonder why is that..

  • Jackoat

    Brilliant. Thank you A&R.

  • Vulneraria

    @Rully i thinkl the camera was mounted on the right fairing

  • smiler

    Is the race now better or worse on a completely asphalt surface?

  • Mike J

    Wow… the tarmac up near the summit is in really bad shape – especially, considering that it’s relatively new – I wonder how well it’ll hold up over the next few years..?

  • AHA

    Now it’s an all paved course, I don’t see why Ducati should be surprised they’ve lost their prime dual- sport PR jewel. The unpaved sections were presumably what kept the sports bikes at bay all these years?

    I think the event has lost some of its unique character without the mix of tarmac and dirt although I appreciate the change may have been inevitable.

    Who knows, maybe more TT riders will make the event next year? Love to see what McGuinness & the rest of the crew could do here.

  • pooch


  • Tall Jones

    You also get a feel at the end for how quickly the pavement ends and turns to gravel. There is simply not enough runoff to safely shave much speed. Not well thought out at all.

  • tony

    thats my guy! beaming with pride, congrats again my friend…

  • Moto Sop

    brilliant! love it! wish more of these happened around the country.

  • Congratulation Jeremy, very good job!