AMA Daytona Sportbike / American Superbike racer J.D. Beach has snagged himself a Moto2 ride at the Indianapolis GP, riding with the Aeroport de Castello/Cartellon Mediterraneo Blumaq team. Beach will be on board the FTR M211 Moto2 bike, prepared by the company’s US Distributor GP Tech. Unlike last year where Roger Lee Hayden rode the Moriwaki MD600 Moto2 bike for American Honda’s entry, Beach will not be considered a wild card entry. Instead, the former AMA Pro SuperSport East Champion will be considered a substitute rider, filling-in presumably for Tommaso Lorenzetti.

As such, Beach will not be able to test the the FTR Moto2 machine at the upcoming AMA Pro Racing test at Indy on August 18th & 19th. Instead, Beach will do his testing on a Honda CBR600RR provided by Peak Powersports, since the Moto2 machinery features a Honda CBR600RR motor in its prototype chassis. A strong 600cc rider, it’s hoped that Beach can adapt quickly to the Moto2 format, though if Hayden’s performance last year is any indication, there is a steep learning curve to the MotoGP’s feeder series.

The hope from this endeavor is that it will promote a greater American presence in the Moto2 Championship, and pave the way for American riders to race in that series, as well as MotoGP down the line. Currently the path to MotoGP for American riding talent stems from jumping to World Superbike from AMA Pro Racing, and then from WSBK moving onto MotoGP.

With the very different riding styles involved in all three of those classes, it is a tall order to expect a young rider to be able to adapt and succeed in that process. That being said, one could argue with Toni Elias’s performance this year that Moto2 is proving not to be the stepping stone to MotoGP that Dorna hoped it would be.

Source: RRW; Photo: AMA Pro Racing

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  • One of AMA Pro Racing’s rising stars?

  • sculptor666

    hayden’s performance included getting his head run over in the first start, no? so maybe that’s not the best example. disalvo, on the other hand, finished 9th with way less testing iirc. using elias as proof of an idea is just dumb. the middle class of gp racing will always be a stepping stone. period. end of story. good night irene. na na na na hey hey hey good bye. that’s all folks. the fat lady is singing.

  • duxbros

    Trying to remember the history of JD…was it he and Cameron Beaubier that were hanging out with Casey Stoner when they were racing Red Bull Rookies Cup? I think Schwantz is his mentor too. And a friend of the Haydens. If so, I guess I can see how he has the juice to get a Moto2 ride. He’s got the talent–hope he does well!

  • Rexr

    The AMA is no big show anymore…………I think Hopper and Zemke are seeing the light of day……it’s not been as big since Spies took on Mladin in the days gone by….

  • Steve

    Too bad about the AMA. They remind me of someone who keeps making the wrong choices with close to fatal results. I wish they would just get it over with. That being said, there is a ton of young talent in the AMA ranks and JDB is one of them. I have to0 be honest, I was pretty skeptical about Moto 2 at first having been a 250 fan for years but what great, exciting racing they provide. Wow! When I figure out who more of them are…all the better. I’d love to see Eslick, West, Westby, Disalvo and some of the 600 DSB boys in there mixing it up.

  • Rexr

    I think they will find the transition to moto2 not as straight forward as everyone thinks the bikes are nowhere near anything they have ridden, they are not like a super sport bike they are a lot lighter and also a lot stiffer and they have a lot more adjustment than a superbike or supersport bike thats why a lot of riders lose their way when riding them, but good luck to the rider I wish him all the best.