We have a strange love affair with motorcycle pit stops here at Asphalt & Rubber. Maybe it’s the added spectacle that comes with rider and crew racing to change tires and fuel the machine.

Maybe it’s the carefully planned and choreographed dance that ensues, with an ever mindful eye on the stopwatch. Maybe it’s because any number of things can go wrong in those few precious seconds, which could alter the result of a race.

Whatever the case may be, we are enthralled, and at 120 frames per second, what takes only a handful of seconds to achieve, is drawn out into nearly a minute of precise motions. So without further ado, watch the RoadRace Factory Red Bull team pit their rider Jake Gagne, and help solidify his second place finish in this year’s Daytona 200.

Source: RoadRace Factory Red Bull

  • luke


  • Tanker Man

    Probably take me a half hour to do that.

  • L2C

    Ha ha, wow. Too bad the stands are mostly empty.

  • Jimmy Midnight

    You know if they broadcast this on that there what da ya call it…Television, folks might acutally watch it!

  • CLB

    The stands may never be full again until the race names change…. Right now, except for those of us in the US that follow racing closely… no one know anything about them…

    Mention Shaky from BSB… everyone has heard of him somewhat…
    Josh Hayes to some extent, but no one else really outside of the Hayden name.

    I think the Webcast was a GREAT idea… TV doesn’t get enough coverage… now you have international coverage for people for the first time… and the product was great. I also don’t have to buy an update TV package or internet package either… I like it and they just need to continue to improve it…

    BTW… anyone know if they are going to take their cameras to the other races as well? They really need to make it a REAL experience with programs available list of riders, etc…

    I mean… it won’t ever be prime time, but it at least was a good product and open to anyone in the world to watch!

    Now bring some of the SBK regulars next year since going to 1000’s and maybe even a MotoGP personality and you can do this THANG….