Gear-up for the Isle of Man with John McGuinness

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As the Isle of Man TT gets ready to start racing this weekend, John McGuinness remains as the only rider to crack into the 130mph lap average speed (edit: Hutchinson broke 130mph on Thursday). The British rider reportedly hasn’t even been going full charge up the Mountain Course during the practice session, which should make for this year. Take a look at what a lap around the Isle of Man with McGuinness is like in the video above, and check the race schedule after the jump.

Saturday June 5th:
1200hrs – Superbike TT Race – 6 laps
1500hrs – Sidecar TT Race 1 – 3 laps

Monday June 7th:
1045hrs – Supersport TT Race 1 – 4 laps
1415hrs – Superstock TT Race – 4 laps

Wednesday June 9th:
1045hrs – Supersport TT Race 2 – 4 laps
1315hrs – Sidecar TT Race 2 – 3 laps
1630hrs – TT Zero Race – 1 lap

Friday June 11th:
1230hrs – Senior TT Race – 6 laps

Source: Isle of Man TT