It’s better late than never, so we thought we would share one of the ways we are keeping up with all that’s going on with the 2014 Isle of Man TT, and that’s our custom Isle of Man TT Twitter list.

To save you the trouble of hunting down all the teams and riders on the interwebs though, we’ve made a public list of the Isle of Man TT personalities that you should follow to keep up-to-date on the TT’s happenings.

Riders, teams, photographers, and local Manx news — all in one stream. Click that link, and hit “Subscribe” on the left-hand side…it’s that easy. Enjoy!

One of the great things about the TT paddock is how approachable the teams and riders are. There are no special passes to get in, you simply walk off the street and into the tent-filled paddock near the main grandstand, saddle up next to your favorite team’s pit space, and shoot the breeze with whomever is there.

Mechanics often field questions while they work, it’s not uncommon for riders show up for a chat or an autograph (John McGuinness cooked me a hotdog while we did an interview at my first TT), and if you wait until after the day is over, you have a good chance of finding a rider or two down at the pubs, or at the Bushy’s Tent.

You see, even for all the international attention that the Isle of Man TT receives, the event itself remains decidedly down to earth. Professionally organized and executed, but entirely approachable for fans — many other racing events would to well to learn a thing or two from the TT.

So, it then comes with little surprise that the gregarious TT paddock has a strong showing on social media outlets, namely Twitter. A bevy of information and media, TT riders on Twitter have essentially extended their friendly disposition to the digital realm, and we thank them for it.

If you’re not already on the social media service, keeping tabs on the TT or any other sort of motorsports, you are missing an important element to the experience.

A live view of our Isle of Man TT list is below:

Photo: © 2014 Tony Goldsmith / TGF Photos – All Rights Reserved

  • Lewis Dawson

    Two fatalities so far this year, Bob Price and Karl Harris. Not since 2001 has a year of Isle of Man competition been accomplished without any deaths, including the TT and the Manx GP. Even excluding the Manx GP, deaths in 11 of those 13 years. Over that 13 year span, 41 riders have died plus 6 course workers and spectators. It is just too much to accept. I call upon Asphalt & Rubber to take a stand that IOM racing should be stopped, and to halt all coverage of the races there.

  • Sonic

    @Lewis Dawson…lol, good one

  • Lewis Dawson

    It’s not a laughing matter, Sonic. The recurring carnage that is IOM racing goes way beyond the point which we can justify with “He knew the risks, and he died doing what he loved.” There are certain times when it is appropriate for society to decide a risk is excessive. This is such a time.

  • Agreed, Lewis. Take Mt. Everest. There are over 200 documented deaths on that mountain alone. We’d better outlaw climbing. While we’re at it, there’s that whole issue of driving! From 1899-2003, there were over 3 MILLION driving fatalities. That is simply far too much cost to justify.

    Finally, the risk of falling down in the shower has got to be mitigated. Far better to make mandatory sit-down baths and requisite handrails for safer ingress/egress. The risk MUST be stopped.