Isle of Man TT Gets TV Deal for Australia & USA

04/14/2014 @ 10:01 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

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Want to watch the Isle of Man TT from the comfort of your non-British TV, but haven’t been able to in the past? A new TV from the Isle of Man’s Department of Economic Development will do just that.

Inking a new TV contract with North One TV, the Isle of Man TT will be televised in the American, Australian, and of course British markets, making it easier than ever to watch the iconic road race.

With a five-year contract with the Velocity Channel in the US, the American cable channel will show seven one-hour race shows. Each segment will air within 24hrs of each race, and be tailored for the American market.

In Australia, FOX Sport has signed a three-year deal to show the Isle of Man TT, and will air 15 one-hour segments. And meanwhile in the UK, ITV4 will continue its superb coverage, with 15 one-hour TT race highlight shows. ITV4 has a new five-year deal.

According to the TT organizers, North One Television has produced TV coverage and managed distribution of the Isle of Man TT Races since its appointment ahead of the 2009 IOMTT Races.

During that timeframe, the worldwide IOMTT audience has grown from 8.1 million in 2010 to 24.4 million viewers in 2013, with programming going out in more than 130 countries.

With the Isle of Man keen to make the TT a globally watched event, these TV deals are a huge step forward to bringing the historic road race into the living room of future fans. With excellent coverage in-market, race enthusiasts out-of-market have in the past been forced to watch the TT by less-than-legal means.

While Velocity & FOX Sports Australia may not be channels that are on every television set, at least there is some means for enthusiasts to watch the races in America and Australia, and that’s an important step. Hopefully the coverage is just as good as the work already being shown on ITV4, if that’s the case, we think this deal bodes well indeed.

Source: Isle of Man TT; Photo: © 2013 Tony Goldsmith / TGF Photos – All Rights Reserved

  • Pretty stoked!

  • scritch

    This is good news. Now about WSBK …

  • Bruce

    Great news to have the IOMTT on US TV. This past weekend had great coverage for race fans. Two WSBK races, the WSS race, MotoGP Qualifying, Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP. Other than the cut-to-the-podium blooper during the WSBK Race 2, I’d say we have little to complain about for Race coverage from around the world. Now if we can get our own National series straightened out and on TV again….

  • jake

    good news until the part about “tailored to American market” Why don’t they just leave stuff alone? All the rounds of SBK and MotoGP are great until the US rounds and the need replace the regular broadcasters with US ones. It makes no sense (it’s not like they aren’t already speaking english) and worse the US guys ALWAYS do a worse job. To the point that I don’t watch the America broadcasts and instead watch the Euro. The TT isn’t about the American market! They should bring the show over as it with the people who are knowledgeable and cover it on a regular basis.

    Bottom line is that there isn’t a market for any form of racing in the US other then NASCAR. That’s just the sad truth. Changing these shows isn’t going to help change that. People that follow the sport will watch. And for those that don’t care, bringing in america broadcasters isn’t going to change that. Besides I don’t know anyone who watches the races for the broadcasters. But I know a number of others like myself who find the US announcers so annoying (getting names wrong, not focusing on the race but instead about the use or past glory self promotion,yes you Freddie Spencer), that it’s hard to watch the race

  • SCBonneville

    Though I am ELATED to get TT coverage that is current and not shown months later, as was the case with Velocity’s coverage until this past year. What bothers me is that we will get only the race coverage (ie: seven episodes) and not the full 15 episodes of full festival coverage. A lot of the texture and flavor of the event comes from the back stories and showing of what all goes on during the TT fortnight. And we won’t get that… a shame really…

    For those worried about the “tailored for the American market” part… There’s no need to worry about commentary team changes or such. It simply means that our “hour” episode will be “tailored” to contain only 48 minutes of coverage to allow for the commercials to be inserted into the “hour”…

  • L2C

    Velocity aired five one-hour shows last year, which was really cool. I guess this deal is just an improvement on the last one?

    Anyway, I was very impressed with the coverage. This new deal is just more good news. Awesome.

  • anthony

    AU PayTV :(

    do they have a video pass, like MGP?

  • JoeKing

    our “hour” episode will be “tailored” to contain 48 minutes of commercials to allow for some coverage to be inserted into the “hour”…


  • SCBonneville

    anthony, ITV, which airs the episodes in the UK does have a streaming video player on their website. But that will only get you the one hour episodes. Of course, due to FCC (that’s the US Federal Communications Commission) rules, we in the US, our ISP addresses are not allowed the feed due to “conflicting programing provider” rules. So even though Velocity is not showing the whole package/episode, it blocks us from being able to access it via the ITV feed.
    The TT has no live video feed but they do have live timing available and there is always Manx Radio TT for an audio feed. Both are available via the internet.

    L2C, yeah, I’m happy to get the Velocity airings… it’s better than nothing… but I stop short of praising them too highly… We’re only getting about a third of all the viewable programming… and it is North One who “films” and produces the coverage. They do a GREAT job!

    JoeKing… like it.. =8-)

  • Anthony

    I suppose I’ll just have to save the monies I’m willing to pay on a streaming service over the next few years and just visit the tt

  • mxs

    Velocity channel??? What’s that??? Why would anyone opt to watch their feed instead of the original ITV feed???

    Not only the channel is probably available to very few, but I can see how their coverage would be like Speed covering MotoGP race ….. in another words, I’d rather not watch … LOL

  • Just Johnny

    TT Rules ! Handsdown … as long as the UK announcers host it .

  • pooch

    You guys complaining about the type of coverage, seriously ? First World Problems! The fact it’s getting televised at all is WAY better than nothing. In Australia we get nothing at all and I have to rely on British-aired torrents well after the event. ANYTHING is BETTER than what there is now IE: zip !

    I’d hate to think anyone reads this thread and thinks race fans are a bunch of whiners… unfortunately, some of you make it look that way, jeez.