IOMTT: Supersport TT Race 1 Results

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It is a trite thing to talk about the weather, but when you are racing on an island where the weather can drastically change from day-to-day, the weatherman is one of the most popular people (or unpopular, depending on the prediction) during the TT fortnight.

Warm weather during the practice week is key too, as it allows riders to hone their setup, and unsurprisingly the more sunny days we have at the Isle of Man TT, the more records we see fall. 

Monday has been another sunny and warm day for the Isle of Man, and so we shouldn’t be too surprised to then see more records written in the history books – this time in Race 1 of the Supersport TT event.

The same three names have been at the top of the list all week: Michael Dunlop, Peter Hickman, and Dean Harrison.

Though it took him a little time on the opening lap, Michael Dunlop looked to add to his win-tally from Saturday, and took control of the Supersport TT after the Ramsey Hairpin. Dean Harrison, James Hillier, Peter Hickman, Gary Johnson, and Lee Johnston followed, in that order.

By the start of Lap 2 though, it was the golden trio: Dunlop, Harrison, and Hickman, with the riders behind them constantly reshuffling their order.

Trying to makeup for a disappointing DNF from Saturday’s Superbike TT, Harrison took the fight to Dunlop, as Hickman faded into a secure third-place position. But, Dunlop responded in kind, as his boards showed the charging Kawasaki rider.

Coming into the pits, Michael Dunlop posted a new Supersport TT record on Lap 2 – 129.197mph – giving him a healthy six-second advantage over Harrison, who had a solid 22-second lead over Hickman.

Hickman would feel the pressure from James Hillier on Lap 3, with just two-tenths separating them at Glen Helen. By Ballaugh, Hillier would take third place from Hickman, though it would be short-lived victory.

Meanwhile, Dunlop had caught Harrison on the course, with the duo riding together as they started the final lap. With the pair slowing their pace though, Harrison almost gave up his second-place to Hickman at the finish line, who was only three-tenths of a second back, and had gapped Hillier by over a second.

Conor Cummins would finish the day fifth, while Josh Brookes took a hotly contested sixth place.

Shadowing the event’s record lap and fierce battles though was the news that TT newcomer Adam Lyon had died on the third lap, near Casey’s. He was 26-years-old.

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