HRC NSF250R Moto3 Race Bike to Debut at Catalan GP

05/20/2011 @ 3:38 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

Honda has done a pretty good job of teasing out its HRC NSF250R, which is set to race in the Moto3 Championship in 2012. Replacing the 125GP, Moto3 class is based around four-stroke 250cc race bikes, and should be a more affordable and leveling playing field for new riders to enter into GP racing. HRC has teased us with images and videos of the new NSF250R, which takes its core cues from the its RS125R predecessor (both current factory Honda riders Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso won their lower Championships on the Honda RS125R).

Expect more media goodness in Barcelona in two weeks’ time, as Honda plans on unveiling the bike the Thursday before the Catalan GP. Following its launch, Alex Crivillé will pilot the bike around the Spanish track, with another exhibition lap to take place after the MotoGP warm-up session. For your smokers, soak up this last season of 125GP racing, as two-stroke racing is about to go the way of the dinosaur.

Source: HRC

  • I’ve read this entry.. ;-)

  • Jeram

    why replace perfection….

    H0nda’s Moto should be….

    ‘if you cant win the game, change the game’

    same reason why they are now supplying the Moto-2 engines… their RS250 was hopelessly underpowered to they wormed their way in and uprooted the class and lobbied that the two stroke class was now irrelevant.

    it was only irrelevant because the biggest Japanese companies were uncompetitive and pulled out…

    and for that, the Japanese have no right to sook when Ducati has the WSBK rules altered in their favour… because they are all just as dirty as each other

  • Keith

    heh, engine wise it needs to be a 250cc run what you brung motor wise. Though it’s a little iffy determing the displacement of rotary engines (or so I’m lead to believe) much less figuring displacement for turbines (hybrid or otherwise) Be neat to see V4 with forced induction hitting the track. 8^)

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  • BBQdog

    Would love to try one of those ……

  • Westward

    Would love to have one for track days…

  • BBQdog

    The Moriwaki 250’s with 5 speed gearbox are already getting available for affordable prices.

  • Keith

    If they really want a decent baseline for a 250 4choke race bike…look at race prepped EX250’s.

  • BBQdog

    I think EX 250 engines are much too heavy.

  • BBQdog

    ” their RS250 was hopelessly underpowered”

    Yeah, that’s why they won the last year of the championship.

    (says an Aprilia fan)

  • Keith

    bbq, you so funny. Motors no win race. Man on bike who sets up well and useses available power well wins.

    p.s. ex250 internals are what matter…and if it’s so heavey home the competition gave up?