Pedrosa and Dovizioso with HRC for 2 More Years

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Today at Brno, HRC President Tetsuo Suzuki announced that Honda would be signing Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso for two more years. Despite this announcement, neither rider has apparently signed an actual contract with HRC yet, as minor terms of the contract still need to be ironed out.

This announcement comes fairly early in the MotoGP silly season, but Suzuki stated it was necessary to “allow the riders to focus on the seven remaining races and also allows HRC to focus on the preparation for next season as early as possible.”

With Pedrosa and Dovi seemingly locked in to Honda, we can likely conclude that Lorenzo will be staying at Fiat Yamaha as well for 2010. Speaking on this issue, Suzuki simply stated that, “We spoke with Lorenzo, but we eventually concluded that Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso would be the best line-up for us and there are no plans to provide another bike to Lorenzo.”

Last up for HRC is the issue of their title sponsor, Repsol. Despite the fact that a final agreement has still not been achieved, Repsol is rumored to be on-board with HRC for another season. More as we get it.

Source: MotoGP