First Photo of the Honda MotoGP Production Racer

05/26/2013 @ 11:33 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS


After Shuhei Nakamoto was just talking last week about some of the technical details of Honda’s MotoGP production racer, HRC has released a photo of the RC213V-derived race bike testing at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit.

Small in resolution, and taken with little zoom, the photo gives us few new details about the coming HRC production racer (that’s the point though, right?), but we do know that the still unnamed machine will cost roughly €1 million, be devoid of HRC’s “seamless” gearbox and pneumatic valves, and will come with Nissin and Showa components.

An alternative to the CRT machines available now, Honda’s “for sale” production racer and Yamaha’s M1 leasing program give satellite and private teams another option when looking to compete in the MotoGP championship.

While these privateers will have more competitive machinery than they have had in recent years, the factory team advantage remains alive and well in Grand Prix motorcycle racing, which in the current climate means only two or three teams have a shot at the Championship title at the end of the season.

Talking about the project’s current state of progress, Nakamoto coins a familiar statements saying, “Development of the model is currently a little behind schedule but the test results showed more than what we had expected, in particular, with its running performance.”

“We can’t announce its name or the specification at this stage but we will have an opportunity of announcing the details in the not too distant future,” he continued. “We will keep on developing the machine to meet the 2014 MotoGP technical and sporting regulations, and will introduce the model by the end of this year.”

Source: Honda

  • 2ndclass

    I tell you what, next year could be a good year’s racing in MotoGP. With this, the M1-engined machines and if the rumored pneumatic valved ART machines appear, there’s not really going to be any overlap between the tailing prototypes and the top “CRT” (if they could be called that anymore) machines. Ezpeleta could come out looking like a genius from this.

  • CTK

    Would be better if Honda were leasing engines. They seem to have the upper hand in horsepower. I thought the CRT bikes were done next year though, to be replaced by leased/purchased factory bikes? I am more excited about the return of Suzuki and hopefully the resurgence of Ducati. If Audi can throw their weight ($$$$) behind figuring out how to make the GP14’s front end grip in high speed turns/sweepers they could have a competitor. I still think Repsol Honda will continue to dominate though, especially with Marquee Marc tearing shit UP.

  • Gutterslob

    Sounds highly affordable. I’ll have two please.

  • TexusTim

    I’m down for two

  • RT Moto

    They should give one of these to Marc Marquez to give the others a chance. Haha The way that dude rides I’m sure he’d still win.