Guy Martin Breaks Back in Ulster GP Crash

08/08/2015 @ 7:25 am, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


Guy Martin’s weekend at the Ulster Grand Prix is over, after a nasty crash during the Dundrod 150 Superbike race left the Tyco BMW rider with a broken vertebra, sternum, and ribs.

Watching the footage of the crash (after the jump), Martin was surprisingly lucky with his crash, despite his laundry list of painful injuries. Martin went down in one of the few areas on the Dundrod Circuit where there is a clearing, and narrowly missed a tree that was in his crash trajectory, in the process.

That being said though, Martin will have to remain in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast for the next few days, as he recovers from surgery and mends his wounds. He is said to be in good spirits.

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  • n/a

    Doesn’t make sense that they left the tree in place….

  • Alex

    I just swore out loud at this local diner.. omg. I hope this isn’t a career ending crash. Guy martin not chasing race wins would be a dark day for aspiring racers and motorcyclists everywhere

  • XL2C

    Glad Martin is OK.

  • Chris Everitt

    fall off a horse get right back on and assert yourself same goes with a bike , heads up Guy

  • CortexUK

    Don’t worry, the highly professional race organisers lent a school gym mat up against it.

  • Ian Miles

    It’s a road race. Otherwise they would have to take down all the trees, move the houses, walls and hedges, widen the track, take the cats eyes out and ban traffic and call it a race track.

  • Ian Miles

    Hope he makes a full recovery but feel a retirement coming at the end of this year.

  • Magdalena

    Glad he is ok. Maybe this was really his last road race. He was thinking about retirement before.

  • n/a

    May I remind you, ”Safety is paramount”. Apparently.

    If they cleared that section of hedge with a digger, all they had to do was remove the tree with the same digger. Then that area would be ‘as safe as possible’?

    The same tree, that they stopped short of removing, caused the bike to bounce back across the road…

  • Magdalena

    And then the trees behind this tree. And then the hedges at the next right-hand bend. And they should get rid of the hedges on the inside of Irelands-corner too because it’s way too dangerous to take this corner blind. And then……

  • n/a

    So what you’re saying is – safety isn’t paramount?

  • Charlie Morton

    Great fan of yours Guy, are u the six million dollar man or what, keep your spirits up, see u somewhere again soon.