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  • Rexr

    Ffs……get a grip man….

  • CBR600RR 09

    Again with the negatives Rexr.

    What a man! What a bike! Without him, Yamaha wouldn’t be where they are today.

    I watched this race and was humbled by the post race celebrations.

    Congratulations to all racers this year and I look forward to another of exciting and close racing.

    Simoncelli and Lorenzo… Funnily enough Lorenzo was in the wrong both times, yet was shaking his head at Simoncelli.

  • 76

    spending 5 years developing winning & crashing on it and having to say goodbye would be a hell of a moment for someone. Bikes and dogs about the only 2 things I will cry over

  • irksome

    Rather touching, in an anthropomorphic way. Reminds me of the day a hundred years ago when I sold my first street bike. A bittersweet moment; I’d built the hell out of that thing with my own blood and sweat but it was time to move on.

    Lorenzo will be lost next year as development passes him by, although ’11 will be an odd year as the factories focus on the 1000cc bikes for ’12. The 800cc Yamaha was and always will be Rossi’s bike. Lorenzo reminds me of the kid always trying to emulate his big brother; the helmets, the post race lunacy. Spies is gonna smoke the little turd.

  • gnmac

    Gotta say watching the post race victory moon walk bs from Lorenzo and his blinged-out helmet was nauseating, but that one moment of Rossi with his M1 for the last time was touching – the ultimate expression of the relationship between man and machine…the love that he has for the bike and all the grand ups and occasional downs he has had with the M1. I really look forward to the future Ducati-Rossi partnership and the world of positive progress he will bring to Bologna.

    As for Lorenzo, cherish the victory Rossi’s crash/absence brought you this year, because next year the kid from Texas is going to smoke your f****** hide, boy!!!!!

  • JawDroppin

    It was a sad moment watching this – the end of a wonderful era and a fairytale career rider… parting ways… :'(

    Rossi – is just the man of this generation – he has more success than any modern day rider in all categories, and I am seriously hoping he can take out one more championship on a Ducati – to just cap it off nicely – the great italian rider on one of the great italian bikes!

    Godspeed Rossi – and good luck

    JD ;)

  • mamak kerala

    very touching when seeing this photo….this pic show how deep Rossi’s love to the M1…happi and sad time together for 7 years..very2 long time…

    gud luck King Rossi with new bike…

  • mamak kerala

    next year and beyond i believe it will be the begining of going down phase of Yamaha excellent era…and Yamaha become loser team just like before Rossi came into their team.. Yamaha present in Motogp race only to make the game more people on the circuit..time will tell…sayonara Yamaha…

  • zipi dachimp

    watched rossi’s short film describing his affection for the m-1 from 2004 onwards. he really does appear to have a fine-tuned mechanical insight into what makes these bikes work and how to improve them. ducati and hayden may both be surprised by 2011. sure hope nicky listens.

  • froryde


  • Rexr

    cbr600rr………it’s a blog I’ll say what I like so tough sh1t……I’m not a #46 fan

  • Bel

    Yeah and it does come across like that, also comes across that you are a bit of a douchbag. Like you said it’s a blog and I can say what I want, rofl. Owned!

  • Minibull

    @Rexr: Lorenzo’s the one who should get a grip. Like CBR600RR 09 said, he was in the wrong both times vs Simoncelli. That, coupled with his stupid bling ass helmet and his repetitive celebrations really cement his image as an arrogant cockhead.

    Sure the boy can ride quick, as he proved yesterday, but his celebrations are certainly lacking something. Always a flag planting, always a leap into his team at parc ferme and always a jump off the podium. ..
    They dont have the subtlety or humor of Rossi’s. His jump into the lake at Jerez was kind of cool at first, but then he admits that his leathers got waterlogged and his visor jammed, nearly pulling him under…

    I think Rossi is quite entitled to have a moment with his bike, after what the man has done with the Yamaha. Top marks Vale.

  • Rexr

    I think u’ll find that rossi has done a fair bit of barging in his illustrious career…….oh yeah thats right he’s allowed to……time to move over rossi ur time is up….;0)

  • wayne

    Even if you don’t like the rider, the stats don’t lie. Way to keep it classy, Rexr.

  • PD

    Bel, to call Rexr a douch(e)bag is to unforgivably and egregiously insult all true douchebags in the known universe.

  • Minibull

    @Rexr: Its not the barging thats the issue…
    Every rider Im sure has done that at some point. Its just the head shaking and anger that Lorenzo was showing, like he expected Simoncelli to move out of his way cos hes the world champ.

    People said exactly the same things last year about Rossi, that he was too old and that his time was up. What did he do? He won the championship. Even if he doesn’t win again, he will still be up at the front, Im sure of it.