FTR Moto: First Moto2 Bike to Race at IOMTT

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As things at the Isle of Man get underway for the 2010 Isle of Man TT, FTR Moto is set to take an Isle first: the first Moto2 race bike to take on the Mountain Course. 22-year-old Olie Linsdell will race his FTR M210 in the six-lap Senior TT event on Friday, June 11th. For those doing the math, that’s a 226 mile race on a “prototype” machine, going race pace on city streets.

Linsdell’s FTR Moto2 has the same chassis setup as the Moto2 race bike, but features a race-prepped Honda CBR600RR motor, instead of the Moto2 modified lump from the same paterfamilias. The CBR600RR motor was prepared by the Joe Darcey Team, and is built to World Supersport specification.

Practice sessions have been underway this week for the TT racers, which was the team’s first chance to try the M210 around the course. The FTR M210 is no newbie to track racing though, participating in not only the Moto2 series, but also in the Spanish CEV Buckler National Championship, where Kev Coghlan is only one point off taking the Championship points lead.

Racing at the Isle of Man TT is good PR for FTR Moto too, as the company hopes to sell its M210 to trackday enthuisasts. The company currently offers a Ron Haslam Elf replica bike, which is retailing for £70,000 excluding VAT.

Source: Motourage