FIM Worries About MotoGP Grid for 2010 and Long-term Sustainability in the Racing Series

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The International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) started MotoGP in 1949 with the idea to establish a premiere prototype racing series. In 1992, FIM transfered the commercial rights to Dorna Sports, who have since been the business end of the racing series. This however, does not mean that the FIM is content to standby idly while the economic brouhaha plays havoc with MotoGP’s championship status. Continue reading to see FIM President Vito Ippolito response, and outlook on the future of MotoGP.


“The problem is not 2009 where the grid will be more or less provided, but in 2010 that might save other defections, especially among private. Which would move the grid to 14 [bikes]” warned the Venezuelan Ippolito. The FIM President did outline what actions he thought would be necessary to address the attrition likely to occur through continued economic woe, “We must go back, and be like in the 80’s. The stables must be found among manufacturers, series, prototypes that they can buy to run….Japanese people should understand that. Innovation is good, but we must also think in terms of cost and think long term.” 

Asked about the evolution of Grand Prix, Ippolito stated “I am very clearly against separation by placing Dorna in the paddock between the Moto GP and other categories such as 125 and 250. The Moto GP is not alone in the Grand Prix. We live in a world where everyone can not become rich. It must behave accordingly. The sport needs of the FIM and the motorcycle race can not be simply a business.”  Vito Ippolito is expected to clarify that statement next week in an official statement. Could some heads be rolling at Dorna? Next week will tell.


Jensen Beeler

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