An Inside Look at Fiat-Yamaha’s MotoGP Team

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Fiat-Yamaha recently did a series of interviews with various members of their MotoGP team. Of course riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo were present for the camera, but the pieces done on the support staff are probably the more interesting aspects of the series, shedding true insight into the inner-workings of MotoGP. Videos after the jump.

While the interviews with Rossi and Lorenzo are pretty surface-level and uninteresting, they do showcase the polor-opposite personalities of the two riders. Rossi of course is very playful with the interviewer, while Lorenzo seems more down to business and straight-laced. Unless you’re really interested in whether or not Rossi is going to snowboard this winter, we recommend skipping these videos.

Valentino Rossi:

Jorge Lorenzo:

The interviews of Davide Brivio and Gigi Soldano are more insightful, as they shed light on who Rossi was as a child. Since they both knew Rossi in his early years of racing, they also comment on how the Champion has grown into the racer he is today. Additionally, Brivio talks about the high’s and low’s of the season, whereas Soldano focuses more on what it is to view MotoGP from behind a lens.

Davide Brivio – Rossi’s Team Manager:

Gigi Soldano – Fiat-Yamaha Team Photographer:

Perhaps saving the best for last, Laura Motta is person behind the hospitality in the Fiat-Yamaha paddock, the most important duty (in our eyes) being in charge of the umbrella girls. Which country has the best umbrella girls? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

Laura Motta – Race Event Coordinator

Source: YouTube