Fiat-Yamaha: Rossi Announcement Wednesday

07/12/2010 @ 9:06 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

After first sending a press release that Rossi would make an announcement after his testing session today, Fiat-Yamaha has issued another statement saying that Rossi won’t make a decision on this weekend’s race until he arrives at Sachsenring on Wednesday. Heightening the anticipation of his return, Rossi has seemingly delayed making a decision to race, and wants to wait another two days before making it public what his intentions are for the weekend.

We assume this also means that we won’t hear an announcement from Rossi or Ducati about the 2011 season until the German GP as well. As such, Sachsenring will be an interesting round as both Rossi and Wataru Yoshikawa will have to prepare to race on Sunday, but also there will be the added fervor of the impending Rossi/Ducati announcement.

Valentino Rossi completed 46 laps (fitting, ehh?), over multiple sessions, at Brno today. Rossi used a Yamaha YZF-R1 that was provided by the Yamaha World Superbike Team, and much to Crutchlow and Toseland’s dismay, Rossi took the WSBK R1 around Brno with a best time of 1’59.135, which is quicker than both Yamaha WSBK riders did in last weekend’s races.

Many outlets are comparing this time to race pace at Brno, but a more analogus comparison would be to the qualifying times from this weekend (Editor’s Note: Lap records are only counted during race conditions). Compared to the Superpole pace, Rossi was about a second off Cal Crutchlow’s pole setting pace of 1′58.018, while being nearly half a second faster than Toseland’s 1′59.699. Rossi was rumored to be on Toseland’s YZF-R1 today.

“Today was good, I felt better than in Misano but I still feel quite tired after a few laps and a race will be a much bigger question,” said Rossi. “We haven’t made the final decision yet, I need to have some more x-rays on Wednesday, and then my doctors and I will consider whether I can ride at Sachsenring. Once I’d understood my physical condition today, I had great fun riding the R1 and even did some work on the settings! I want to say a big thank you to the WSB Team for staying on here another day and making this test possible for me.”

Yamaha awaits Valentino’s final personal decision as to when he feels ready to ride again, and the team’s priority is a full recovery to fitness for Valentino rather than a quick comeback. If Valentino decides to ride in Germany, he will need final approval from the FIM Chief Medical Officer before he can participate in a Grand Prix.

Source: Fiat-Yamaha

  • eze1976

    can you imagine that being a racer, heres your bike back you’ve been riding all season, yep the guy with the broken leg on it was faster than you, he also said it needed setting up so we took care of that too…. cheery O

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  • deckard

    According to you guys: “Asphalt & Rubber has received word from a trusted source that Valentino Rossi has signed a two-year agreement with Ducati, that’s set to be announced on Monday [7/12/2010]…”

    Rossi may have signed, but clearly he and Ducati would not announce this humongous signing at a Yamaha test. Credibility can be fleeting, as you now know.

  • Brandon

    I agree with deckard, A&R needs to keep their Ducati pipe dreams to themselves until the facts are out in the public. It’s becoming as annoying as Entertainment Tonight. I don’t get why you would think Rossi would leave for a different team with a lesser bike that will be less supportive of him personally. Besides the financial squeeze Yamaha seems to be taking good care of Rossi, giving him a bike made for him and using all of their resources to aid his return. I also think Rossi still has some unfinished business in the Lorenzo rivalry at Yamaha, he has to prove he is the better rider on the M1 without any crashes getting in the way of either rider. I suspect a 1 year renewal of his contract with Yamaha as a sign of appreciation, besides, Ducati’s money will likely be their in 2012 if the itch is to much to resist.

  • Yes. We made it all up for kicks and giggles.

  • jamesy

    Here’s a scenario Brandon; What if Vale is hearing Jorge’s footsteps? What if he is blinking? If you have ever been seriously injured at race pace, you know that it can do stuff to your mind! Its supposed to after all. First you begin to question the very moment of the off… what was it? what tiny infraction against the laws of physics caused this extremely painful moment to both body and ego? What could I have done differently? Jorge didnt crash, he’s getting faster isnt he, what shall I risk? Or was it …shudder.. something beyond my control?
    If he does go to Ducati and wins it all again, it would certainly erase any last doubters of his ultimate greatness. If he loses straight up battles with the young lion, we will ALL rationalize for reasons of equipment difference.
    This is no slam, trust me, as I consider him the G.O.A.T. Just sayin, he is very very intelligent and the same mental strength that created his success will someday help him down from the throne. We could be witnessing either scenario… aint it great?