Energica Remains as the MotoE Bike Supplier Thru 2022

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We get word today that electric motorcycle maker Energica will remain as the single-bike supplier for the FIM MotoE World Cup through the 2022 season.

That news is not too surprising, considering that Energica had a three-year contract with Dorna to supply bikes to the electric racing series, which included a clear technical roadmap from the Italian brand.

With the MotoE series effectively losing a year of development because of the coronavirus, it thus makes a bit of sense for Energica to remain on for an additional year.

“We’re absolutely thrilled and excited to continue being the single manufacturer for the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup in 2022,” said Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company S.p.A. “Bringing our know-how into this project and creating a winning synergy together with Dorna and Enel has resulted in an incredible advantage for the World Cup.”

“MotoE can count not only on a close-knit team, but on a new joint expertise that has brought on screen a new series with new technology, as well as a new format live for fans at the racetrack and on TV to enjoy.”

“Our footprint? Teaming up together to push the boundaries of innovation further into the world of motorsport. The Electric Motor Valley finally landed in the world of two-wheeled motorsport; we have convinced even the most skeptical motorcycle racing enthusiasts and we aim at continuing to ensure them with the most exciting and thrilling show in full electric.”

“Our Ego Corsa machines have been highly praised by the riders taking part in this innovative series and MotoE has proven to be an invaluable platform for Energica’s business strategies and technological advancements.”

“These first two seasons have helped build a tremendous amount of experience which is constantly transferred to our road models. From race to road we will keep up the good work. We are writing a new chapter in the history of motorsport and motorcycle racing, so stay with us to make history together!”

Last we talked to Energica, their timeline planned for an updated version of the Energica Ego Corsa to hit the track after the inaugural season, with the following year debuting an all-new machine.

We would expect those realities to come to fruition now in 2021 and 2022, respectively, as motorcycle racing (and indeed the world) resets after a late restart to normal life.

After that third season, the expectation was that the MotoE could be opened up to other electric motorcycle manufacturers, though that remains to be seen if it will be the case now for 2023.

With the single-spec bike, the World Cup’s sprint race format has provided for very close racing, which has certainly been exciting to watch.

It remains to be seen if Dorna wants to give up that close-fought competition and spectacle, especially as the Spanish race organizer continues to build buy-in to electric motorcycle racing, which had its own rocky start.

As we are fond of saying, time will tell. Until then, we have another two years of Energica bikes on the race track, and in this sector of the industry, that is an eternity of time.

Source: Dorna