Dorna/Ezpeleta to Lead the Anti-Formula 1?

06/08/2009 @ 9:21 pm, by Jensen Beeler1 COMMENT


In case you don’t follow the series, Formula 1 has been in state of flux for the past few years. 2009 saw a host of new rules introduced to make the sport once again exciting. Adding to the on-track drama has been the discourse off the track by the teams, race promoters, and drivers. Currently, Bernie¬†Ecclestone (Formula One Management) and Max Mosley (FIM) are attempting to impose a ¬£40 million budget cap on the teams, which follows their attempt to instigate a two-tier technical rule system for capped and uncapped teams.

Unwilling to follow such a system, the newly formed Formula One Teams Association (FOTA), has come together as a collective bargaining group aganst Ecclestone and Mosley. FOTA has raised the ante in their negotiations, and has now threatened to pull out of the 2010 Formula 1 season. Taking their toys and going home, FOTA plans on starting its own series, with perhaps Carmelo Ezpeleta, of Dorna fame, as its head.

Ezpeleta is, of course, currently charged with running the MotoGP series. According to the Spanish press, Ezpeleta has already been in talks with FOTA about the new series, and if rumors are to believed, is inclined to take on the challenge of heading the anti-Formula 1 series.

While his duties at MotoGP make things a bit sticky for Ezpeleta, he is already familiar with F1 and the F1 paddock. Both Dorna and F1 were owned by private equity company CVC, that is until the European Commission forced CVC to divest MotoGP out of its portfolio because of anti-trust concerns.

Source: MotoGP Matters